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Monday, December 07, 2009

All about work

Work, work, work....hmmmm, I seem to have travelled back into that mystical circle of work once again and gotten myself stressful days and sleepless nights.
(now, *touches wood* on the sleepless part)

I think I am blogging about work too much sometimes....crapping away about this and that at work.
It tends to get boring, doesn't it?

Well, for a start, we need to work to get money right
We need to use that money to keep on living, right?
We need to keep on living to ensure the survival of our species, right?
So, when we say, Get a Life to people who are so engrossed in their work, we are actually telling them to work more...

Don't you agree with me?
It all goes back in a cycle and there is no escape...

So, ever wondered why I keep on working...
Well, I just need to have a life...LOL!

Just some rambles from my busy day at work...OR LIFE! =D