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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boss's Birthday

Last Thursday was my boss's birthday; I will call him my "small"/junior boss (supervisor):)
Again, I organized the birthday celebration; it was rather hard this time as we had to do it for dinner to suit our Malay guy colleague (fasting month).
However, due to too many problems, we had to change it to lunch based on majority votes (sorry!!)
We followed our original proposal and we went to Johnny's Steamboat restaurant in Queensbay Mall...lower ground floor.
There were about 8 of us....starting off with a group pic after food ordering!
(There were 3 who couldn't make it; one was fasting, one was on Vegetarian and one was on leave)
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My BIG boss (manager) was also in the pic
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Birthday boy..I mean Boss:p
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HAPPY BIRHTDAY!! May all your wishes come true...to see our eating and food pics, you can check out my food blog here
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