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Monday, October 22, 2007

What violation??

I am really furious with the security guards who pasted the sticker on the side of my car!!
How could they do that???

I was happily parking my car in the parking area when I got to the office yesterday morning and after work, I was smiling as I made my way to my car despite the pouring rain and then, I stood dead in my tracks when I saw a STICKER on the side window of my back passenger door!!!
I removed the sticker immediately but the glue was totally stuck to the window pane!!!
Shoot the fella who did this to my car:(:(:(

I stood there for a few minutes, using my fingernails (my poor nails) to scratch it off and at the same time, worrying abt whether I scratched my car!

I didn't violate any parking rules!!!
Darn the security guards, and I still need to work hard to get that mark out!!