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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Streaks of lightning when I half-opened my eyes this morning and I was just telling myself, Ooo...looks like it's gonna rain soon!! And snuggled into my blanket for a nice slumber when my silly alarm clock had to sing and remind me it's time to get to work!
Sighs...all for a good rainy session....
It was still rumbling with thunder and flashes of lightning pursue as I was getting ready for work...
But, the minute I stepped out of my house, cha!!! The rain started pouring.....all for me to get to work!!
Sighs....I still drove my way to work...and then when I reached my company's compound, I was looking for a parking space (plenty since it was so early in the morning) and then, I found one nice little spot nearer to the path leading to the office and I took some time reversing my way and fitting my car into that side parking space and when I got down, I saw this little tag flagging near the pole....
It was so folded up that I had to flap it out to both directions to open it up...really hard amidst the pouring rain...
And guess what it read?
"Car parking for Canteen ONLY. Thank you"

I obediently got back into the car and shifted my car into drive gear to look for another parking space.
In case you are wondering why am I so obedient as I can just ignore and park there, well, my company is really strict with their rules and they do have security guards to monitor all the places including the car park and if your car is spotted in restricted areas, or if you violate any rules, your car plate will be taken down and a warning will be sent to your immediate manager for attention.

So much for freeing yourself from the school rules when prefects catch you for your law-breaking huh?
Sighs....and that's it, I parked in my usual spot!:p