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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sink is not so clean anymore...

I am going to share with you a story which really blew me to the end and it was like hailing that last straw out of me...
Remember I told you about my housemate; the Singaporean who was sort of the "anchor tenant"?
Well, she behaved more than an anchor tenant; in fact she seems to think she owns the place! Initially, my 2nd housemate and me sort of obeyed her requests whenever she asked; thinking she was the main tenant anyway. Then my 2nd housemate told me her bf said that we shouldn't fear her since we do pay the rent...but well, you know, why argue right?

So we don't argue with her and just follow the flow; do whatever she wants unless it was too unreasonable...

Recently I don't really talk to her because she is too weird for words and I have nothing to say to her particularly after the previous incident where she really made me so sad and bummed...or rather, speechless.
Okay, maybe I will spill a little here...there was this once where I desperately need to use the internet to send some mails and I asked her politely to borrow the modem through SMS since she wasn't home yet.
It was a Friday; and it was raining heavily and as my memory recalls, this was only the 2nd time I actually requested to borrow her modem.
She replied and told me it's okay...then she followed up with another message that she is running late and could I give her a lift to the bus station so that she can catch her bus home to Singapore
I had a problem with my car then and it was running low on gas; and I was worried that with the heavy rain and night condition, I may not be able to keep my car on that low level for long to bring myself home and I need to come home alone.
So I told her that I can't go out anymore as my car's low on fuel and she replied okay.
(Usually she catches the cab to and fro the office and on Fridays, she will ask the cab to wait for her downstairs while she takes her luggage down).

When she reached home, she was busy packing and then she was about to leave when I asked her again about the modem and guess what? She told me this..
Housemate: Oh, I will be taking it along...
Me: Oh...
Housemate: Yeah, coz my bus leaves at 9.30p.m..and I have some waiting time which I probably want to use to work...
It was almost 9pm that time and I was wondering, by the time she reaches the bus station, does she really have that much time to kill?

But well, you and I both know it, she wants her favour to be returned and since it's non-beneficial to her to lend that, she will just do it for the sake of kicking me in the face:((

That's what happened, and I truly stayed clear of her after that.
Then soon, this weekend, she was at home...(yeah, one of those rare times...she has plenty of annual leave anyway, I always see her taking a week off to go back to Singapore EVERY month!)

Anyway, I was shopping for my stuffs when I got an SMS from her and guess what it said...
"Hi, the little sink outside (in the kitchen) is not so clean anymore. I don't use that sink. Could you PLZ clean it ASAP... Thanks..."

Of all things!! This must be the WORST person I have ever known in my whole entire life!!
She seriously has a problem....she thinks she rules the earth she walks on??
And also, we are housemates, do you need to calculate so much on who cleans up what?
As a matter of fact, I only used that sink a couple of times to rinse my hands quickly and guess she spotted it. She was the actual person who dirties that sink with her leftover food and rubbish mess she hangs over that place!!
I noticed the sink's condition that morning and I personally thought I will get it cleaned when I get home but her text message and TONE of it....wow, I was really stunned by her courage!!

Now I seriously know why she has a hard time looking for housemates and also, she does not have a lot of friends despite 2 years in Penang...
She needs to take a cab to work everyday when we are staying so near the company, if she was nice enough, why won't any of her colleague offer her a ride either to and back from the office?
And she stays at home for the whole day on weekends, why wouldn't anyone ask her out?

This was like one of the most outrageous thing I have ever heard in my whole entire life!!!!
She is definitely one with a problem....I thought probably I have offended her or something BUT hey, I have gotten along with a house full of ladies (more than 5) and also stayed with numerous people before but we never had such a problem!!

And who is she to say that what and where is dirty??
Look at her own microwave and kitchenplace! it's all stained and there's food debris everywhere..and she always spills her sauce on the floor without cleaning them!!

Stress at work and now stress at home....this house is so not a home!!
What do you all say???