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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tagged! By a Bug...

I was tagged!! By a bug, nonetheless....a few weeks ago and the tag-ger, my bestie da LaydieBug and the thing I need to do is list down the things that can make me HAPPIEEE.....
(haha....thanks, it was definitely a great effort to counter depressing moments :D )

Anyway, just a quick one on the things that can make me happy...(without limit to the list, right, LaydieBug?)
Here goes....not in any particular order
1. Being with my FAMILY!!
2. My Books....need I say more (they're my soulmates!)
3. RAIN!! (When I am at home:)
4. Having fun and listening to jokes by my friends (whether KL, Penang or anywhere in my world, as long as you are my friends:)
7. Reminiscing old times with BESTIE (just my right partner in crime)...giggling and of course, talking...talking...TALKKKKKKKKKKKKKK.........................
8. Blogging
9. Taking photos!! (not of myself, not such a vain pot but just of everything..I LOVE photography)
10. POEMS (my own:)
11. Writing and writing and writing
12. DISNEY!!!
13. SHOPPING - new clothes, shoes, bags...LOL!!:D

Okay...as usual, I am too long-winded...kinda went overboard yeah....but that's the list I have....
And just writing about it, makes me happy:)

Thanks Bestie, for all those cheers and icons, virtual flowers you sent just to make me happy:)