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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nice weekend!

The Raya break was indeed a long break and finally one that I was hoping to have!! And to top that off, I finally get to get back to civilization!!:D Hooray.....(erm, no pun intended yeah:p)

Anyway, I was pretty excited as I will finally get to drive back on my own...yeah, alone despite protests here and there and Mummy and Daddy just had to keep reminding me and telling me to be careful and confirming whether I am driving alone...ahhh, the symptoms of parenthood (can't blame them though....:)

I had a really nice drive back home and at the same time, I get to relax my mind during that 6 hours of drive (3 hours down and 3 hours up):)
I even brought my parents to the new Gardens...haha, of course, Daddy drove this round:p
Not a bad weekend and I definitely felt more energized and pumped to come to work...haha, no reason for blues since it's a Wednesday!!
Happy working day again.....hahaha:D

**Will post a bit more on my driving stories and also on KL...stay tune:) *

How did your weekend go? :D