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Thursday, October 04, 2007

October is here!! (Past crazy weeks)

Sorry for the long-time-no-post again!
Really no time even for myself to breathe in O2 and out CO2.....and I mean it!
The past 3 weeks were insanely packed with work, work and just all about work.
I drag myself to office every morning, worked around the clock for more than 12 hours, get home for a quick bath, rushed back to office for some quick working and annual dinner planning meetings/practices, and then slump my head on the pillow about midnight (even that, I need to thump my fingers on the keyboard to finish up some bits of work to get me in the chain for the next day)....
And it feels like a few hours of sleep before my alarm sings in my ear and that's it, I am up again for another day.

That's how it went, for weeks....I am supposed to be busy until the end of this year!
My boss reminded me during our 1:1 earlier this week..."You'll be pretty busy with all your work until probably the end of this year....then it should get better early next year..."

I am definitely exhausted and me, being the early sleeper am seriously disturbed by the changing and irregular sleeping patterns and I felt so tired....
My body finally made the decision and just weaken me so that I wouldn't go to work...yeah, I fell sick early this week....
BUT even that, I was dragging my sick and weak body out of bed.....for at least half day at work....seriously...
I went to work for 2 days at the office...and then took the 2nd half off for a rest and when I went to see the doc, all he said was, "You do need to rest a lot"
(Like I didn't already know :(

I am even seeing double vision...sighs....
Anyway, I got to get a grip, grit my teeth and get going....
And at least, the optimistic part is, "It'll be much better next year...."

So much for a new year 2008 resolution....