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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Driving style: North vs South

Okay, the content may be offensive to either party but please just read this and pass it off as just a joke, no hard feelings ya!:D

As I have mentioned, I drove myself down back home all the way from north down south to my city hometown:)

On the road, I have noticed a few things which I find common among the drivers distinguished between those who hail from the north and south (particularly the W-plates).

You know the differences between the left and right lanes, don't you? I don't think I need to educate on the functionalities of left and right and your speed on both lanes...well, when I was heading down north, I will keep to my left most of the time since I do not intend to speed (well, at least not during the festive season where I may easily attract a RM300 donation to the police force!:p) .

Therefore, I was on the left lane most of the time and only turn on my signal to proceed to the right lane to overtake cars in front of me which were slower and then obediently, I would turn back to the left lane.

Well, this was the common practice and I noticed this was pretty evident among the motorists along the way particularly the southbound:)

Come Tuesday and I was heading northbound and the practice was still okay until...yes, until I approached the Penang Bridge area....haha, that's where I was hogged by slow drivers on both lanes!

Yea...and if you want to overtake any car, do so on your left especially here in this state:p

No offense ya...Not ALL Penang drivers are like that but well, I have met a couple, or 3, or 4.....:D:D