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Thursday, January 18, 2007


Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish two COOL and charming DUDEs a very Happy and Wonderful Birthday!!~

To my bro and also to Kenneth, Happy happy Birthday!!!
Many many happy returns for the day and be proud that you are getting WISE-r now...ignore that age...(we will not count those candles:p )
For bro, it's finally the year of the key....hehehe...the age to freedom? TIME to pay your own bills, huh? Hehehe.... Bro is my best friend and also confidante in most of our life happenings....and sorry, if I bore or annoyed you with my rants and also picki-ness:p
As for Kenneth aka JanPal (and I still remember your nickname that your family called you..hehe:), although you forgot my birthday and only greeted me this week....sighhhs....(just kidding lar)...it's still great to know you and the tagline is: Great Minds THINK alike!!
May God bless these 2 cool people on their day of birth and may they be blessed with all the good things in life:)
Cheers and HURRAH for January babies:) (Born leaders, smart, intelligent, honest, calm, and all the best gifts of the world!!~ )