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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Letter for FareWell???

Hahaha...after a week's break, I came back to work yesterday to be greeted by tonnes of emails and loads of stuffs to follow up on....*sighs*
Do remind me not to take off for more than 1 day next time....even MC needs to be limited by the 1-day period:p
Anyway, as I was browsing through my emails....I saw a couple of emails from people who were leaving the company and just decided to send out a farewell note to the entire department to notify people of their departure.
There is one letter which totally intrigued me...and mind, this is from someone I know...and also somewhat related or indirectly mentioned in my previous entries....
This lady wrote a short one-paragraph farewell note to mention her last day in the company and also on her thoughts.....the best part was she thanked someone else rather than her own mentor or the main people who brought her to who she is today; in her position.
In fact, she was so specific to only remember this single one person that I must say I am truly impressed by her gratitude to this person that she could forget her roots.
No criticsms intended here; I do know that she has a problem with those people I mentioned; her peers and also the folks who were her mentors and guide (excluding the one she remembered).
However, on a positive note, I just personally feel that no matter how spiteful we are at the person or how we perceive the person is treating us, I still think that being civil about it is better and especially when you are intending the letter to like almost half the department?
Also, despite those people who mistreated you (0r so as you think/perceive in your thoughts), and that they were the cause of your misery, don't they have anything good or have helped you in those early days? Else, how did you work with them for so many years? Did they killed you right from the start? If so, do you think you are able to be in the position unharmed all this while?
Furthermore, these are people in charge; they have the power and if they do want to even do anything, it's just as easy as squeezing an ant with their little finger.
Don't you think that directing your obvious hatred by "intentionally" forgot to mention those superior people makes you look just plain silly?
I don't know about the rest of the world out there; but in my opinion, right or wrong is just a matter of perception.
Furthermore, holding a grudge or hatred is not good for yourself as well....yeah, it's not easy to just bury the hatchet like that...BUT, at least, just, for goodness sake, "pretend" to be civil and show your professionalism.
Wonder how can one go far when they cannot see the good in one person and only always dwell on the bad.
To me, no matter how negative someone or something is, there's bound to be something good.
Even if he was just a plain evil villain, somehow, they still have the small side of humanity in them.....
As the Chinese saying goes; "Even a broken down boat has at least 3 nails in it" (to hold the boat; otherwise, it's just planks and wood).....
It's a good thought.....