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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Taiwan Earthquake - Disruption in Network

Awww.....a disaster hit again...at the end of the year....so, what's new?
This round, Malaysia has her problems to deal with as well - flood in Johor, Mat Rempit problems, etc etc.

The Taiwan earthquake was indeed a disaster; endangering not just the lives of the people but also, the virtual world.
Yeah....if you read about it or even heard of it in the news, the earthquake caused a major disruption;hmmmm....I should use a more impacting word - it basically paralyzes the entire virtual community....no emails, no googling, no downloading and worse still, no blogging....BAD news for keen writers/bloggers like me:(
And it doesn't help when they tell us that it takes 3 weeks to repair the cables.....3 WEEKS??!!!!
Even 3 days is bad.....and Angelstar has so much to write about for all her blogs and she just got those pics from the old HDD back home.....sighhhh....wrong timing:((
*Anyway, I guess I am not the worst hit since there's others out there who truly rely on their Internet for assignments. Furthermore, my connection is not that good at home anyway...so.....not allowed to pout and complain:P*
I ignored the Internet disruption services in a short while though I was worried whether it will affect our office network and whether I will be able to get my work done....hehehe.....
Anyway, I soon forgot about it and truly enjoyed my time with parents and friends...

Then a blog entry published in the Star caught my attention....this guy/gal won the RM50 for the astounding and may I say, impressive remark on the Taiwan earthquake:)
The writer mentioned that he/she was disgusted by the Malaysians' reaction towards the earthquake that befell Taiwan; saying that Malaysians were not even concerned nor bothered about the welfare and well-being of the victims but rather, they were more worried about not being able to access their email, blogging, and complaining about the slow access and cursing as well.
The worst and ashamed to say this was our fellow Malaysians were actually complaining the slow loading of the Internet which disrupted their downloading of movies, mp3s and PORN!!!!
Gosh....that was really SAD...and I must say, it triggered the guilt in me although I only had a short momentary worry about the disruption in the service.
However, I do agree that the society is getting more self-centered these days....sad but true....and this has led to several social issues....okay, I am not gonna indulge myself in essay writing nor documentary articles but I do want to talk about the Mat Rempit issue in one of my coming entries.

Anyway, this will be a good reflection, that we should not just see the picture of us not being able to do something, but rather, take some time to think of those who are less fortunate compared to us....
Let us pray for the Taiwanese victims who suffered the physical pain of the earthquake.....