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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flowchart for problem solving

The way to solve your problems....hahaha....
I got this from my colleague; and it was supposed to be in pps form but since I attached it as an image here, it came out in a whole picture and thus lost that humourous part of the sequential appearance in piece-ing(what kind of English is that:p ) the whole picture:)
Okay, here goes....

1. Things are working WELL?
- If Yes, then DON'T touch it -> So, there's no problem
- If NO -> Go to Q2.

2. Have you touched it?
- YES -> KECOH!!!~ -> Q3
- NO -> Is it going to Explode in your hands?-> YES -> FINISH!!!
-> NO-> 5

3. Someone KNOWS?
-Yes, FINISH !!!->Q4
- No-> Hide it-> So, there's no problem!

4. Can you blame it on someone else?
- Yes-> So, there is no problem!
- No -> FINISH!!!

5.Pretend you haven't seen it
-> So, there's no problem!

Hahaha....nice ler....
So, next round, just remember the essential key notes whenever you have a problem or in trouble:
a. If everything is ok, just don't touch it
b. If you accidentally messed up, then kecoh dy.....
c. If there someone else who knows about your mess -> uh oh, BUT if you can blame it on someone else, then NO problem loor:)
d. If nobody knows, just hide it:)
e. If it explodes, then Finish BUT if can blame it on others, NO problem!
f. If nothing explodes, just hide it and pretend you haven't seen or touched it...so, again no problem:)

In short, if you can always hide, or blame on others, it is always no problem
To me, it is just the way you see the problems; no problem is without a solution and you should not see each problem as a problem......

"An optimist sees solution to a problem, while a pessimist sees problem to a solution"....

All being said, still enjoy your day at work with the problem solving flowchart:)