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Monday, January 08, 2007

Cyclone -> tropical depression

Haha....so, the whole uproar on the incoming of a cyclone-like wind and typhoon weather forecast and also the warning/alerts on floods were washed away by just an ordinary monsoon rain...which lasted for one whole day?
I suppose it was good news and eased the tension among the people; especially those living in flood-prone areas...my,it is definitely not a happy thought after reading reports on the unexpected major disaster that hit Johor and all those possibilites and mental preparation for evacuation.
Also, the sight of ruined furnitures is so not pretty - AT ALL...
Anyway, it seems that there were also preparations nevertheless...in anticipating this cyclone and which could stir up a possible storm up here during the last weekend.
I was one of them, waiting for it since Friday and of course, our Ipoh trip had to be cancelled due to that to avoid any unpleasant experiences in the rain and getting stuck in floods or worse.....
So, staying home and wondering whether I should get my laundry done....and waiting perhaps I should do it on Sunday....I was surprised with the clear Saturday we had; although there were still signs of travelling clouds in the air.....
Yeah...it's nevertheless still clear although not the shining nor clear bright blue skies kind of day...in fact, I called it clear since I was expecting DARK looming skies with torrents of water(you call them rain by the way) falling from the skies...or clouds:p
Saturday turned out to be gloomy; the sun is still there but somehow hidden behind those clouds....and you really don't know when it's gonna rain.
Well...turns out when I planned to do the laundry on Sunday...that's when I woke up early in the morning to be greeted by those cats and dogs falling down from the skies (metaphorical expression of saying it dramatically:P)
So....bummer....it was raining the whole day on the every part of the island and it feels...BRRR....so colddddddddddddd
It was still cold for the last couple of nights....and I wake up freezing every morning even when I slept without the fan on...amazing....the chill:p

And guess what, I read in the papers that apparently, the wind which they predicted could turn into a fast travelling one and the possibility of a cyclone at 65kph has actually slowed down when it reached the Equator region due to our tropical weather and thus the tropical depression slowed down(kinda depressed it) the travelling speed and therefore, the wind slowed to only about 40-50kph.....hahaha...thus minimizing and actually almost eliminating the possibility of a cyclone/typhoon...what more a storm?:p
Amazing....and yesterday, I met up with Pooh(SM)....this girl who was supposed to be our tour guide in Ipoh and specially arranged her trip home during the weekend and I asked her about the weather in Ipoh over the weekend and she was like..."Clear blue skies...hehe"

Well.....the gang may regret but I still think we never know and that cancelling the trip was a wise decision....especially with such unpredictable weather these days..we could never tell..and we don't wanna be there and start saying..."we shouldn't have come"....
Always be safe than sorry...and there's nothing wrong being a paranoid....once in a while.
Furthermore....weathers really are getting more and more weird these days....probably due to the global warming and the green house effect....
Look at Johor, who would expect flood over there?
And why are we getting gloomy weather these days?
Monsoon days are not supposed to be on the west coast now but rather, on the east.,...and they are getting normal passing showers....
Sighhhsss.....and this weekend, I am supposed to go to Langkawi with my GPTW folks...farewell and meet up with our Miss P.....let's pray that the weather will be good or else we could end up playing UNO and Scrabble in our chalets:p
And...still, Angelstar thinks it was a good thing that the weather slowed down and proud of our tropical region here...
So, who says the 4 seasons rules anyway?