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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

~Nemo on ICE!!!~

Was working halfway when suddenly this message came in; from Maxis.
A reminder to all Maxis One Club members to start reserving/purchasing their tickets for the Disney on Ice; featuring Finding Nemo...and you get 40% off if you book within the promotion period which will end by Feb 28.
How about that?
If you are a Disney fan or a Maxis user/One Club Member, do hurry up then; this event's in April:D
Woooo.....Disney on Ice!!!
The keyword is DISNEY!!!!!
Hahaha....Angelstar's gone bonkers again....c'mon gal, grow up, it's just Disney...say it casually...
BUUUUUTTTT...it's still... DISNEY!!!!~
Sighhhhs.....some people just never grow up:p
But hey, it's nothing wrong being childish...hehe,
Quote from my old Sunday School teacher, "There's a child within each of us"
And me, I am a child within myself and definitely a die-hard Disney fan:p
So....DISNEY!!!!! :D