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Friday, January 05, 2007

Trip Cancelled?

Received a phone call which I was unable to pick up as I was in the movies earlier....then followed by a sms text.
"Trip tomorrow cancelled....postponed to another time. Don't think can make it with the bad weather"
Awwww.....that was sad....

Wondering what I am blabbering about?
Well, my group of friends here...the Jee Mui gang planned a sort of Makan and sightseeing trip to Ipoh this weekend. Everything was well-planned and the hotel room was even booked....and we have engaged one of my colleagues; an Ipoh gal to be the tour guide.
Anyway, as fate would have it, the weather's forecasted to be a little on the windy side...ermmmm...actually more than just a little windy; the Northern states are to expect heavy downpour and even strong winds which may be a little cyclone-like during the weekend.
Oooooo....sounds scary huh?
Whatever, when they read the reports, initially there were already doubts but everyone wanted to proceed....however, guess they changed their mind.....so, we are going another time....coz it was to be a heavy rain, then I suppose their makan plans and the caves tour and pasar malam walks will not work out.
So.....let's just wait for the next plan....no worries; and I can rest a little after a busy week since Christmas....also do some work studies...:p