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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Meanie beanies...

There are just some people out there who likes to make people's lives miserable....
And to make a mountain out of a mole hill.....
Yes, they are...I can't believe that myself....
I am not talking about myself...or my situation anymore...it's enough that I have gone through something like this but now, even someone close to me is being succumbed to such a situation.
I really don't know the problem with these people.....why are they being so selfish and insensitive to others' feelings?
Do they have to make such a big hoo-haa about everything?
So, what's with people doing things their own way? DO they need to report every single move to them?
Just because of not being informed about stuffs doesn't really relate to the matter of importance of you to that person....if you want to think that you are being viewed as lower class and that you are inferior to people, then, my apologies that you have such high self-esteem.
You know, sometimes, people just conjure these mental images that seriously do not make sense and then they start to form perception of people around them which may not be necessarily true.
And the bad part about them is that they do not even bother to clarify on the situation with those people....and yet, they start to cloud themselves with negative thoughts and shrouded with all the bad and ugly perceptions and then further envelope themselves and the people involved in their own misery.
Selfish, ain't they?
Worse still, those people targeted don't even know what hit them in the first place and spend ages figuring out what on Earthe have they done to offend them.....ughhhhh...what a pain that can be.
I hate to see her being unhappy; I know she is; she just doesn't want to tell me about it and shrugs it off but I do know she is still bothered by this after she heard about what caused the immature party's ignorance.
I really do not want her to go through this...it's no fun at all and I am trying to make her happy...she's my closest best friend and guide in my life....
I feel really distressed when she's miserable and yet I cannot be there with her....we told her to forget them but I do know she's totally unhappy and disappointed all because of someone so immature and disrespectful.
Ungrateful....does that selfish person know how much she has gone through and sacrificed for her through all those years? Will she be what she is today without for her?
I pray that she will open up her heart and mind to see that one person does not make a difference...if she doesn't care...just leave it that way....
I learnt the hard way as well that not everyone is nice to you when you are nice....and that you should, you know REPORT everything you do to them...so that they don't feel unimportant OR inferior that you look down on them and that they are not as worthy to you....because you think they are poor or low-down and cheap....
Suit yourself....as my principle and motto goes, when we ourselves start to look down on ourselves, who do you expect to look up to you?
As long as you stay out of this.....and stop making HER miserable...either way, I think we won't have that much interaction with you anymore...let's do it the cold-blooded way...
*Angelstar's learning to be more lucid in this world*