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Monday, January 08, 2007

Ahoy BASS-ians!!

Yoohoo....I caught up on some updates on some of my old colleagues in my previous company where I was assigned to during my internship (or Industrial training) days....seems like things have changed just in 1 year...oklar....probably 2 years? since I left the company...hahaha *grins*

Okay...to start with the story, I chatted with an old friend (she was an intern too at that time); C1 (rhymes with her Chinese name). C1 got a job in the company; BASS, upon graduation....actually, I also got a job offer in the company but I already accepted the offer up north:p
Going back to the story, we just started off with some casual chat and then I casually asked about the others...
C1 told me that this colleague, Elv just had a baby daughter last week......ooooh, I didn't even know he got married dy....*whistles*
Angelstar: So, Elv and Sy finally got married? When was that?
C1: Ermmm....nope.....Sy is not Elv's wife....
Angelstar: Huh? How come? They broke up?
C1:Errrmmmm....it's kinda complicated...and yeah, they broke up....

Ooooooo........Elv and Sy were these colleagues whom I knew of when I was an intern there. And yeah, they both worked in the same department and with each other.
Our colleagues told us that they were in courtship and that Elv started courting her when they first came in....that's how they became a couple.
Now, they have broken up......I have only left the company like...2 years ++?
And Elv's already married with a daughter.....
Wonder what happened to Sy? Last I heard she was in my company under contract for software development.....
Anyway.....congrats, and C1 mentioned that she didn't attend the wedding as none of the colleagues were invited....guess they were keeping it low:)
But nevertheless, Congrats Elv and wishing you happiness in your days ahead! :)

Angelstar: Anymore updates?
C1: Ooooo....YK also got married.... hehe *smiley/grinning emoticon*=)
Angelstar: What??? My Sifu also got married??
*KYK used to be a C# developer and he was really a smart guy...pretty young and quiet and somehow he always was helpful thus he became my C# guru...I called him my sifu*

I forgot to ask...but I guess he married his TARC sweetheart....hehe, she used to come to the office to pick him up after work...she will sit in his cube and then they will leave together...so sweet.
So, sifu is happily married and according to C1, almost everyone was invited.....how come Angelstar was not informed? *felt left out* *pouts*
Just kidding.....another marriage.....loads of them; particularly among colleagues and ex-colleagues last year....is 2006 a good year for marriages?
Anyway.....I just realized I have really missed out a lot...out-dated lar.....reminds me of my school days when I am always the last to know on any news or gossips...*sighs*
Blur lar...Angelstar....
I should really keep up.....but to KYK and Elv.....May your marriage be full of happiness and bliss...and may they last forever:)
Congrats to Elv for finally assuming the role as a Dad and to KYK, "Sifu, when are you expecting?":P Ermmm...I mean your wife....hehe *Smiles*