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Monday, January 08, 2007

A friend in Need?

I carpooled with this friend of mine to work and so happened he had an emergency and had to leave early; thus leaving me with no mode of transport to go home....(although he did offer to stay back but, I insisted that he go home:)
Anyway, as I was scratching my head on how am I going to get home after work and scrolling down all my messenger windows to find any familiar or people who stay near my place, this friend came into the picture.
PK was a good friend whom I have known of since the days in uni and we became car pool mates when we met each other in the company. He has been a truly great and wonderful friend cum companion while I was here on the island; his homeland.
I wanted to ask for his help; and to check whether it was convenient for him to drive me home.
Then I was a little hesitant and also it was kinda awkward as just a few days ago, he asked for my help but I was unable to help him. Actually somehow each time he asked for my help; I incidentally had something else and was unable to do so....seems like I am a useless friend for keeps...:(
However, I slowly typed the message and to my surprise and embarassment, he said it was okay...thanks!!!
After work, I missed his call and found he was gone (we were supposed to meet at the main gate). I returned his call and found that he already left the premises....but since he just left, he will make a turn back and pick me up.
Thanks really...it means a lot to me.....
As we were cruising in the car along the BKE highway, PK started asking me what happened to my car pool buddy...and I replied that there was an emergency.
Then I related my predicament and dilemma in whether to disturb and trouble PK for the ride home....but I was indeed thankful for his help....
PK: See, each time you ask for my help, sure can....but ask for your help, cannot lar...
Angelstar: (*blushes*) I am really sorry....if you really don't have your car with you, I can drive you...I will not carpool
(See, my friend here requested for my help to drive him to work.....if I do go to work on the mainland....and since I was carpooling; seldom drive these days to the lonely stretch on the highway in the morning and also, there were rising crimes and the Mat Rempit stuffs, etc).

He laughed it off and told me it was okay...nothing to sweat about.
However, I was somehow bothered by the fact that he was probably offended that I just seemed like a parasite friend...and not a friend in NEED.
He was always there whenever he needed help whereas I always was unable to help him out....the guilt was really building up.....
I am really sorry PK......do forgive me.....I guess I have been a lousy friend.....
SORRY....I will help you whenever you need i....no questions asked and I will not say no anymore.....

*Angelstar is laden with guilt now*
*Feeling sad and lousy*
How could I be so thoughtless?
I am not a friend Indeed......do not deserve such a good friend like PK.....
Angelstar despises herself.....*sad*