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Friday, January 19, 2007

Careful what you Blog...

Shocking but true...I came across this news article which reported of a blogger, Jeff Ooi who was sued by NST for making defamatory statements about the publications in his blog.
He was ordered to remove his blog entries immediately....I think they mentioned that there were 4 blog entries in total.
Not sure what did he say that got onto NST to take legal action against him, but anyway, I am sorry to hear that and also, it is sad that even blogs sometimes need to go through filtration to be published.
I am not siding Jeff Ooi; I don't even know who he is....but somehow, the freedom of speech and thoughts sound somewhat distant when you can't even write about what you think or want to say in your blog.
As I have mentioned earlier in my previous entry, the blog is supposed to be some sort of a journal or something online that you used to talk about your interests, etc.
What's the point if you are being scrutinized for everything you say?

That being said....I am not sure about the whole situation...however, I do know about law and you can have the freedom of speech but if it goes beyond the boundary where you defame another which could lead to physical and emotional effects which could be damaging and also hurt one's reputation, then you are game for a lawsuit.
So, fellow bloggers....continue your passion but leave some thought once in a while for those whom you blogged about....so that you don't end up hurting another in a negative way.
Have fun blogging!~