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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

CNY Reunion Dinner..Bye bye Monkey;)

(Clockwise from right: Soup(stomach,shittake mushrooms,abalone->non-halal), roasted chicken,lobak sauce, fried mengkuang with carrot+mushrooms,lobak(yummy),the soup again(closer view), pork and eggs, assortment of vege(broccoli,cauliflower,carrots,button mushrooms,corn,shittake mushroom),roasted duck, fresh lettuce and in the middle: roasted pork(I think:P)

Reunion dinner on CNY's eve.....just a simple gathering and also a few simple cuisines at good ol' granny's house....yum-yum....all cooked by my aunt...did a pretty good job on that,didn't she?Hectic cooking schedule....hahaha...but great food for reunion;) Posted by Hello