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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Hello everyone,
Welcome to my personal blogspot.....whether you have been invited by me personally to view this blog or you chanced upon my site accidentally....you are welcome to stay:)
I finally decided to have this blog for my writing interests....hahaha....I love writing and somehow blogging seems pretty appealing to me. Right now, the weather is definitely hot and what I am doing...well, I have to study on a subject, Algorithm Analysis...yeah,those who are my coursemates,I am sure you do know the hell I've been going through...I don't understand the subject and the lectures definitely do not help at all....depressing though:((
Oh ya...by the way, A Happy Chinese New Rooster Year to all of you out there who celebrate the festive occasion....trying not to sound racist by just referring to the Chinese..LOL:P Today is already the 9th day of the Lunar New Year and what I know of is that today is the birthday of the Jade Emperor....I guess most of the Hokkien community around must have set up their altars last night to worship the Jade Emperor who rules over the heaven;) Plenty of goodies and also customs to be followed.....I used to see these worship preparations when I was way younger...and of course, there's always the late-night suppers get-together with all the relatives after the worship...yum yum, those food will be served...hahaha....a choice of noodles, porridge, roasted pork, duck, sometimes, we have chilli crabs.....and lots more....anyone can go gaga over these food......feeling hungry already?;;)
Those were the days....CNY has been more or less a routine...a customary tradition which we follow every year in its style of celebration..somehow, everyone still looks forward to celebrating the occasion...interesting....hahaha;)
I will update my next blog if I do not get too busy after this.....I've so much of assignments to work on and also presentations next week.....sad case....pray for me that I'll complete them smoothly..hehehe:)
Also, to all my friends who have 2 tests this week(heard they are killer papers!)...wishing you all the best....and also enjoy the remaining days of the 15-day CNY celebration...though there's nothing much to celebrate on campus...hahaha....see ya all....ciaoz!