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Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas in MidValley...

I went shopping with Mum and Dad during my time in KL as well....and I opted to go to MidValley...haven't been there for some time. Somehow, I always manage to make trips to 1U, MidValley whenever I come back; either planned or unplanned....works fine with me;since they are both my favourite shopping malls anyway:p
With the Christmassy mood in the air, most of the shopping malls have their own unique way of decorations and MidValley was always well-known for their spectacular and extravagant decorations....and there was this year I went with my family and it was a White Christmas...so beautiful *smiles*
We often hear of other countries which had beautiful and enchanting street decorations for Christmas season besides the Western countries of course.
In Asia alone, I think Hong Kong and our nearest neighbour, Singapore has one of the most magnificent street decorations which totally blow the whole country in the festive mood.....I've often heard so much about the famous Orchard Road....also a shopping haven....:)
Another would be the Philippines; from what I heard from everyone - my fellow colleagues, mentor (Marita), and also Dad himself....well, it's for sure since it's a country with a fairly high population of Catholics and Christians.....so, it's definitely a beautiful Christmas over there.
In fact, 2 of my colleagues (originally Filipinos themselves) flew back with their families to their homeland this year to celebrate Christmas as well.....awwww...so sweet:)
Another one would be Butchie; off to his wife in the Philippines and whom I hope is well and happy now....he'd be:)
I also heard that in the Philippines; they have some sort of old practice (not mandatory) of attending mass 9 days before Christmas...not sure whether this is correct....
Anyway, back to my story, compared to those countries with such a splendour of Christmas spirit, our country is comparatively plain in contrast with them.
BUT, in recent years, the decorations have improved; particularly in the capital city; KL...not too sure about the other states....but these deco are within the shopping malls; not the streets...
Of the notable ones are MidValley, Sungai Wang, and recently The Curve.
Sungai Wang was definitely one of the pioneer of the festive decorations...due to its long established fame in the city.
Now, Angelstar was in MidValley the other day and was awed by the decorations as well....
This year's theme was on candy and goodies....hahaha....
A Forest of lights, frozen white trees, and gingerbread houses (sounds like Hansel and Gretel)
Gingerbread House.....
Pic of myself....in Fairyland:p
Really nice and sweet.....you can really feel the Christmas mood.....
Keep up the good work....I really love it; makes it feel like I am in another place rather than a mall:P
Again, Merry merry Christmas!!! *Angelstar's neverending Christmas mood*
Wonder what will be the upcoming Christmas theme for 2007....*dreams*