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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Public Holiday

Today is finally a public holiday...1st of Feb; in conjunction with Thaipusam and for KL-lians, it is also the Federal Territory Day :)
Double festive occasion in 1 single day.....hmmm, wonder whether there is another replacement day since they both fall on the same day *winks*
During my uni days, I don't get this day off; either for Thaipusam or even for Federal Territory simply because the location of my university campus is actually in Selangor and somehow, they don't even give us a break for Thaipusam; bit unfair to the Indian/Hindu students, don't you think so?

Anyway, being a common public holiday, most of the people are not working and thus you see most of them either hanging out with friends; watching movies, shopping and you know, just chillin' out:p
As for me, I did go out....haha, woke up early this morning and wanted to do some work; yeah, I actually wanted to work:p
* In fact, I am actually working at this moment while I blogged this post:P *

I know, workaholic symptoms but I can't help it....need to get things done on time...sighs, just tonnes of stuffs to do.
I even declined a gathering with a bunch of my good friends last night because I was too tired and I actually wanted to get home and do my work again....I know, sounds really crazy huh?
I got a nice little ping this morning on my MSN Messenger and I was surprised to see it came from an old friend....indeed a wonderful and bright surprise to make my day.
Al is my old friend who is currently overseas and we can really chat about lots of stuffs; and one of my good guy pals/buddies.
It was a pretty funny and witty conversation this morning; with him drilling questions out of me and freaking out at my early morning habits (plus some workaholic traits as well:p )
Al: Hey.....good morning? I suppose?
Angelstar: Yes; you are right *smiley icon*
Al: And WHAT are you doing this early in the morning over there? If my memory serves me right, it's supposed to be a public holiday in Malaysia today....
Angelstar: Yes, you are right; it IS a public holiday today - Thaipusam and also Federal Territory Day for KL
Al: And, why are you up SOOOOOO early??You don't celebrate Thaipusam either....
Angelstar: Just my normal habits; used to waking up early....
Al: OKAYYYYY.....so, what are you doing at this hour?
Angelstar: Hmmmm, work, blog a little, and laundry after this
Al: Work? What work?
Angelstar: Ooooo...just some work stuffs from office (as in workplace)
Al: WHAT???!!! Are you in the office right now? Please don't tell me you are in the office...please don't......sighhhhh....Noooooo
Angelstar: I am NOT in the office....
Al: PHEW!!! Thank God......
Angelstar: But I may be in the office if there is an early morning meeting today....which fortunately I don't for today. My boss is working though today; he has a meeting with our counterparts.
Al: What? Are you working in the IT field right now?
Angelstar: Ermmm....it's Engineering....
Al: Ahhhh...congrats!
Al: Engineering huh? Are you doing anything related to networking then? Cisco?
Angelstar: Nopes; I am in the semicon industry
Al: Semicon? Design or plan?
Angelstar: Design....
Al: Cool! Then you must be pretty familiar with RAM, DRAM, etc?
Angelstar: Sort of...I am in the design area *smiley*
Al: Hmmmm...then you're in Electronic Engineering then...
Angelstar: Yups, right...and I am working with a bunch of them as of now...
Al: Hahaha.....
Angelstar: And I am from Comp background...Makes you wonder what am I doing out there...
Al: Hahaha....
Hahaha....I continued freaking him out with my howdy antics...and telling him about my job; at the same time annoying him as we went around with a couple of winding questions before he finally guessed which company I am working for when he claimed that I could've told him directly....haha!:D
Well, I guess I kinda freaked him out with the out of usual working hours of an engineer...and perhaps I did make his re-focus of job to re-focus again...hehehe:P

Okieeee....now back to my work for a while; hope I can complete it by tonight before I will be hanged by my colleague tomorrow:P
And it was great talking to an old friend....whom I hope will be able to meet when he's back..which will be pretty soon *winks*

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

~Nemo on ICE!!!~

Was working halfway when suddenly this message came in; from Maxis.
A reminder to all Maxis One Club members to start reserving/purchasing their tickets for the Disney on Ice; featuring Finding Nemo...and you get 40% off if you book within the promotion period which will end by Feb 28.
How about that?
If you are a Disney fan or a Maxis user/One Club Member, do hurry up then; this event's in April:D
Woooo.....Disney on Ice!!!
The keyword is DISNEY!!!!!
Hahaha....Angelstar's gone bonkers again....c'mon gal, grow up, it's just Disney...say it casually...
BUUUUUTTTT...it's still... DISNEY!!!!~
Sighhhhs.....some people just never grow up:p
But hey, it's nothing wrong being childish...hehe,
Quote from my old Sunday School teacher, "There's a child within each of us"
And me, I am a child within myself and definitely a die-hard Disney fan:p
So....DISNEY!!!!! :D

Aging Age

Got this from a friend this morning and I found it so interesting:)

George Carlin (Absolutely Brilliant)


George Carlin ' s Views on Aging

Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we ' re kids?

If you ' re less than 10 years old, you ' re so excited about aging that you think in fractions.

"How old are you?"
"I ' m four and a half!"
You ' re never thirty-six and a half.
You ' re four and a half, going on five!
That ' s the key.
You get into your teens, now they can ' t hold you back.
You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead.
"How old are you?"
"I ' m gonna be 16!"
You could be 13, but hey, you ' re gonna be 16!
And then the greatest day of your life . . you become 21.
Even the words sound like a ceremony .
But then you turn 30.
Oooohh, what happened there?
Makes you sound like bad milk!
He TURNED; we had to throw him out.
There ' s no fun now, you ' re Just a sour-dumpling.
What ' s wrong? What ' s changed?
You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you ' re PUSHING 40.
Put on the brakes, it ' s all slipping away.
Before you know it, you REACH 50 and your dreams are gone.
But wait!!!
You MAKE it to 60. You didn ' t think you would!
So you BECOME 21, TURN 30, PUSH 40, REACH 50 and MAKE it to 60.
You ' ve built up so much speed that you HIT 70!
After that it ' s a day-by-day thing; you HIT Wednesday!
You get into your 80s and every day is a complete cycle; you HIT lunch; you TURN 4:30; you REACH bedtime.
And it doesn ' t end there.
Into the 90s, you start going backwards; "I Was JUST 92."
Then a strange thing happens.
If you make it over 100, you become a little kid again.
"I ' m 100 and a half!"
May you all make it to a healthy 100 and a half!!
1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay "them "
2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever.
Never let the brain idle.
"An idle mind is the devil ' s workshop."
And the devil ' s name is Alzheimer ' s.
4. Enjoy the simple things.
5. Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.
6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on.
The only person, who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.
7. Surround yourself with what you love, whether it ' s family, pets,keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.
8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.
9 Don ' t take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is.
10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
And if you don ' t send this to at least 8 people - who cares? But do share this with someone.
We all need to live life to its fullest each day!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday Blues

Today is Monday...and I am sooooooooooooo sleeepyyy...*yawns*
Don't know why am I so sleepy this morning.......
* Wake up, it's MONDAY!!~ Need to get to work....sleepyhead....
Weird, Angelstar's never been like this...I am always up and awake and I am such an early bird; but today, I have to practically drag myself out of the bed (which is typically the case only when I am seriously sick; but this is not the case today:(
Sleeeppppyyyyy........Mondays should not be created...after a nice weekend, you just feel that it's hard to go to work....
but then again, if there are no Mondays, we will have Tuesdays....
it's pretty much how you want it to be....we will always blame it on Monday blues...just like Garfield who hates Mondays...but if you want it to be happy, you will be happy; likewise, if you are going to make it like it's such a drag, man, be prepared for a long day and miserable one for you.
SO....just get up and go to WORK!!!! :p

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Customers' Blues

Being a customer used to be a supremacy; where you are always treated with full dignity and respect and also honor.
"Customer is always right" used to be the normal tagline for everyone in the service line and they are always trained to serve or treat the customers with a smile.
But gone were those days as now, we are the ones who need to look at their bad mood and faces when we are the ones paying them for things we want to buy...SIGHS!~

I had a view of this twice today; not such a big deal but I just felt compelled to blog about it as I find the whole thing rather incredulous...haha...

Incident 1:
I was in the market shopping for fruits and as usual, I usually browse from stall to stall to find the nicest ones (norm for every single person). I stopped by each stall for short viewing of their fruits on sale.
There was this stall which display their fruits inside and there was this short aisle between this stall and the next stall (don't really know how to describe it here:p )
I went in to take a look and the lady boss started handing out the plastic bags and verbally promoting her fruits (that's how they do it here; in KL, the fruits sellers hand out baskets, in Penang, they hand out plastic bags).
I shook my head and walked out of the aisle and I overheard her saying/uttering a sentence in Hokkien,
"A neh suui pun kua bo ar?" (means "So nice also you can't see it ar?")
I was a little taken aback that they had the cheek to say such things behind our back and in such a loud voice. I was told that they probably thought we didn't understand Hokkien.
I still think that she was rather unethical (and to think I used to buy fruits from her) - customer has the right and privilege to browse and look to their hearts' content before deciding or finalizing their purchase. They are the one holding the notes and they have the buying power and last say...as sellers, you do not say anything but rather, you are at their mercy and the only way to convince them is through your own selling skills.
You do not criticize them or belittle them for not giving into your promotions.
Well, not such a big deal...don't really care much about it anyway.
One thing's for sure, I am definitely not patronizing that stall anymore; even if there's no fruits on the entire island:p

Incident 2:
I was shopping at Giant and trying to get my daily necessities. I grabbed a promotion pack of this brand X I have been using all the while and browsed through the shelves to see other products by the similar brand. Then all of a sudden, this lady who was a promoter of brand T came over and approached me; informing me of her product's promotions which are lower in price compared to X.
I shook my head and declined her offer lightly and continued to look at the other product choices.
She came back with her brand's promotion pack and showed me that they give free stuffs as well; more with lesser value and told me it was much cheaper and more value worth.
I still declined because I am much more comfortable with brand X and also I do not want any arising allergy problems or discomfort.
Guess what, the lady stood there and tried to ask me what am I looking for, continuously persuading me that her product is way much better and cheaper despite my continuous declines.
Finally, I just walked away and paid for my stuffs.
The best part was; this promoter for brand X was there stacking up the new packets and appear unperturbed by the episode.
But I was definitely defiant and more adamant that I will not succumb to that promotion because I have already picked my selection. Just because the previous customer changed her selection doesn't mean I will do the same.
She has no right to harass me like that; and also, in sales, they should be more ethical when it comes to selling their products. Customers are looking at other brands and they should not approach or persuade them to buy theirs. They can promote; provided that the customers are already in their sections and viewing their products. Otherwise, it's just plain unethical when you pull customers from other sections just to sell your products.

Sighhhhs.....whatever has happened to the time when customers are the ones with authority and all the rights in the world?:p

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Flowchart for problem solving

The way to solve your problems....hahaha....
I got this from my colleague; and it was supposed to be in pps form but since I attached it as an image here, it came out in a whole picture and thus lost that humourous part of the sequential appearance in piece-ing(what kind of English is that:p ) the whole picture:)
Okay, here goes....

1. Things are working WELL?
- If Yes, then DON'T touch it -> So, there's no problem
- If NO -> Go to Q2.

2. Have you touched it?
- YES -> KECOH!!!~ -> Q3
- NO -> Is it going to Explode in your hands?-> YES -> FINISH!!!
-> NO-> 5

3. Someone KNOWS?
-Yes, FINISH !!!->Q4
- No-> Hide it-> So, there's no problem!

4. Can you blame it on someone else?
- Yes-> So, there is no problem!
- No -> FINISH!!!

5.Pretend you haven't seen it
-> So, there's no problem!

Hahaha....nice ler....
So, next round, just remember the essential key notes whenever you have a problem or in trouble:
a. If everything is ok, just don't touch it
b. If you accidentally messed up, then kecoh dy.....
c. If there someone else who knows about your mess -> uh oh, BUT if you can blame it on someone else, then NO problem loor:)
d. If nobody knows, just hide it:)
e. If it explodes, then Finish BUT if can blame it on others, NO problem!
f. If nothing explodes, just hide it and pretend you haven't seen or touched it...so, again no problem:)

In short, if you can always hide, or blame on others, it is always no problem
To me, it is just the way you see the problems; no problem is without a solution and you should not see each problem as a problem......

"An optimist sees solution to a problem, while a pessimist sees problem to a solution"....

All being said, still enjoy your day at work with the problem solving flowchart:)

Busy Bee

I have been really busy not just physically but also mentally.....tired tired tired lar......
I also want to rest; but somehow when I tried to rest, those pictures of work keep flashing in the mind....sighhhhh...
Why am I like that?
I can only think of 3 reasons/symptoms of this:
Number 1: I am turning into a workaholic....
Number 2: I probably am a workaholic
Number 3: I am ALREADY a workaholic!!!~

So, what's new?
What's life without work?
Most importantly, stay happy; busy or free....if you are happy, does it make a difference?

Some people are happy being busy
Some people are happy being lazy
Some people are happy being witty
Some people are happy being silly
So why do we always worry worry and worry?
About every single thing about money
And frowning over single penny
It doesn't take a thing too many
To do what it needs to be happy
So that we don't look back and be sorry!~

**Just some random rants and blabbering for fun...haha, ignore that poem...it was thought up in less than 5 seconds:P **

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Saved by Intel?

Saw an interesting comic strip forwarded by my friends today which was based on Shoe; one of my favourite comic to read in The Star everyday.
I didn't know that Intel produced not only chipsets and processors but also people to this extent!!!
Enjoy the comic:)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Careful what you Blog...

Shocking but true...I came across this news article which reported of a blogger, Jeff Ooi who was sued by NST for making defamatory statements about the publications in his blog.
He was ordered to remove his blog entries immediately....I think they mentioned that there were 4 blog entries in total.
Not sure what did he say that got onto NST to take legal action against him, but anyway, I am sorry to hear that and also, it is sad that even blogs sometimes need to go through filtration to be published.
I am not siding Jeff Ooi; I don't even know who he is....but somehow, the freedom of speech and thoughts sound somewhat distant when you can't even write about what you think or want to say in your blog.
As I have mentioned earlier in my previous entry, the blog is supposed to be some sort of a journal or something online that you used to talk about your interests, etc.
What's the point if you are being scrutinized for everything you say?

That being said....I am not sure about the whole situation...however, I do know about law and you can have the freedom of speech but if it goes beyond the boundary where you defame another which could lead to physical and emotional effects which could be damaging and also hurt one's reputation, then you are game for a lawsuit.
So, fellow bloggers....continue your passion but leave some thought once in a while for those whom you blogged about....so that you don't end up hurting another in a negative way.
Have fun blogging!~

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish two COOL and charming DUDEs a very Happy and Wonderful Birthday!!~

To my bro and also to Kenneth, Happy happy Birthday!!!
Many many happy returns for the day and be proud that you are getting WISE-r now...ignore that age...(we will not count those candles:p )
For bro, it's finally the year of the key....hehehe...the age to freedom? TIME to pay your own bills, huh? Hehehe.... Bro is my best friend and also confidante in most of our life happenings....and sorry, if I bore or annoyed you with my rants and also picki-ness:p
As for Kenneth aka JanPal (and I still remember your nickname that your family called you..hehe:), although you forgot my birthday and only greeted me this week....sighhhs....(just kidding lar)...it's still great to know you and the tagline is: Great Minds THINK alike!!
May God bless these 2 cool people on their day of birth and may they be blessed with all the good things in life:)
Cheers and HURRAH for January babies:) (Born leaders, smart, intelligent, honest, calm, and all the best gifts of the world!!~ )

Free giveaways!~

Yo Dudes and Dudettes!!!...

I just got this online vouchers and coupons which entitles you to get discounts for food and also free movies!! Hahaha......

For you food lovers out there....check out this new craze from KFC; the Alaskan Fish Burger which claims to be more fishy than its competitor....like duuuh, isn't that obvious...which other competitor of KFC has Fishy Burgers/Combo set meals?:p

Well for KFC fans out there, here's a change to your chicky meals...20% discount for your Alaskan fish burger set meals...now I really wonder whether the fish is really, genuinely imported from Alaska itself..hehe:p

Now this is to redeem the movie tickets from GSC....yeap, GSC but too bad, KL-lians, this only applies to Penangites or any current islanders (like me:p ) since this is only for the outlet in Queensbay Mall which is to open soon....and thus, the promotion craze for the week; 20th-24th January....

Anyway, sounds pretty cool but the movies, of course are tagged with a condition that they are re-runs of previous movies...not that antique lar...:p Examples: Happy Feet, Casino Royale, MI3, Eragon, CicakMan (ewwww...), Rob-B-Hood, etc....about 8 movies....

You didn't think they'd give you free movie tickets to the latest movies in town, did you? Awww, if you did, you're just too sweet for words...:p

So, if you have watched them and are interested to re-watch it (it's free anyway!) , just go and watch it....ooohhh, a little note, you need to cut it out and redeem those free movie passes...entitled for 2 I think.

Have fun!! Hope you liked this sharing...hehe....as they say, sharing is caring :)

Lung-Car-Wee! :)

Yooohoooo....went for a weekend getaway with my colleagues/peers...we don't exactly work together but we are a team in GPTW....yeahhh...and these are cool people that I am happy to have known and made friends with.
They are just so fun and enthusiastic, YEAH!~
So, Mei See aka Jennifer sorta organized this trip; actually JLo wanted this trip but somehow his deputy finance minister ended up doing all the organizing work...sighhhssss:p
Anyway, my jee mui gang all went; initially me and Chee Leng aka Amy couldn't make it after they changed the date to January (it was originally planned in December). Lee Hua@Liva@ Xiao Mei Mei couldn't make it either due to an earlier appointment....hmmmm, I wonder what kind of appointment...haha:p
Then there's Cheu Li jie jie aka Sor Por....haha, who had an urgent appointment which was made with ahemmmm.....future brother-in-law....so, no issue....not our call loor:p
Karen couldn't make it...somehow, she was one of those early supporters of the trip but sighhh....MIA this round....too bad:(
Ended up only Jennifer jie jie is going and she persuaded us to join the trip as well...so, somehow Amy jie and me relented and went ahead loor :)
Oooo...we are gonna meet up with our ex-Miss P of GPTW who's coming all the way from KL to join us on this trip.....yippeeee:p
All the plans were made and set; depart from the island at 6a.m.....hahaha....of course everyone complained but anyway, you gotta be early when you travel:p
I followed Han Yong's car and picked up Fook in Butterworth...and off we go loor to Kuala Kedah jetty to board the ferry to Langkawi.
This guy was complaining the minute he got into the car and asked whether it is okay for him not to go on the trip...hahah.
I was sitting right behind him....
Fook: Ehhhh, can sit in the middle ar?
Angelstar: Why ler?
Fook: It's nicer, have you tried it before? You get a better view...and the air cond is cooler here...
Angelstar: Ya mer? I have tried it before....
Fook: Try and see; it's different....
As I started to shift a little to the middle....PAP*
His seat declined immediately......
Fook: Thank you ar.....sleep!
Hahahaha....this guy ar....creative all the way:p
When we met up with JLo and Fadz; the other 2 car drivers, JLo passed us a walkie talkie....sighhh...for some juicy gossip which I am not going to tell you about who:p
And that's where the fun began and all those humour keeping us awake...as Fook starts to entertain himself with the walkie-talkie....
Fook: Kenari calling Accord, Kenari calling Accord...OVER!!~
Chivas: Yes Kenari.....Dum Dum.....you want some gum gum....
ROARS of laughter......
We reached the Kuala Kedah jetty; before that stopped in Gurun for breakfast....
At the Kuala Kedah jetty, all of a sudden there were these 2 young chaps on motorbikes who followed us and lead us to a shaded car park, sort of a shady hall turned into car park.
Somehow after we parked our cars, they told us we need to relocate to another car park as that hall needs to be used for a function in the evening.
So, I don't know why or how my friends decided to follow this group of people to another Chinese village house to park their cars right in front of the house which belonged to a Chinese lady....and they charged us for RM15 per day....the Aunty verified with us in Hokkien and told those Malay chaps not to cheat her of the money....seems bizarre to me....
Still beats me why they do not want to park right in front of the jetty....
Then we took a 2-hour ferry ride to cross over to the island....supposed to be 45 to 1 hour ride.....JLo tipu...jahat!!~
Hahaha.....not that I get sea-sick....I used to when I was younger.....but not nowadays lar.....big gal now...hahaha, no offense to Amy jie ya *winks*
Reached the Langkawi jetty....again, came here just last year.....doesn't seem to change much:p
Start to discuss about plans.....
Renting a car can be such a bother.....
More of the gang crowding the counter to see what's going on and get a good deal....
Finally....Deal, an Unser for 8 and an additional Wira for 5....fit all 13 of us...yeah!
Loading our stuffs into the trunk.....
Look at the bagsss......
First STOP...same as my last year's trip...the first shopping mall nearest to the jetty...
And LUNCH....was McD....BIG surprise!!~:P
Next stop....HOTEL.....parked the cars and started to enter.....
Langkasuka Resort.....from the lobby leading to the rooms....
Oooohhhh.....their places of interest here....and a buffet at RM9.90 per person?:p
Fadz and Me....ermmmm...of course those were not supposed but they were desperate for cam attention:p
hahaha.....stay tune to the next post lar...(if I do post) on the rest of trip:p

Glimpses of Angelstar's birthday

~HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Angelstar!!!~
And thanks to my friends who remembered and made my day a great one; in your thoughts and in your words; those warm wishes!!
Love you all lots.....

Li-Chard the Stunt-zard?

Haha...this was the story of the brave little lizard which we called "Li-chard" back at home in KL.
This pic was taken some time ago dy....about 2 years back and the recent post about Lizzie made me realize that I never did post this up despite the pics that I have already taken....guess I forgot:p
Anyway, I remembered I saw this with mum in the kitchen...haha; it was so obvious as it was sort of like hanging in the air; clinging onto our dear kitchen cabinet for support.
It amused us that Li-chard actually balanced himself and we were wondering what it was doing there. We snapped pics and tried to get its attention.
However, after some time, we realized that it was actually dead!!!
Wonder whether the awkward angle twisted it in some way or another that it probably sprained itself and died just like that....
Awwwww....it was such a pity but I believe that it was creative and ingenious in pulling off such a brave stunt on a near-fall position...it probably wanted to be the next Li-Chie Chan to make it to Lizzie-Wood.....but, with due respects, it was definitely one memorable Li-Chard that we will never forget when we saw Dad used the spatula to take it away.
Time of death recorded as 4.30p.m (approximation).
Goodbye Li-Chard!~

Lizzie in Action!

I caught a picture of this last week when I reached home and was about to unlock the grill gate leading into the house.
As I was taking off my shoes, I couldn't help noticing a pair of lizards here....which apparently seemed entangled with each other in an awkward position.
Woooowwww....they were like a couple of centimetres above my shoe rack and I was hesitating to put my shoes there......eeeee...
Then I remembered to grab my camera in my little tote bag and snapped a picture of them!
Yikes....I didn't dare to go any closer and so, there I was standing a couple of feet away from them.....still kinda scared and cautious as to whether they will suddenly detangle themselves in a hurry (you know how panicky lizards can be) and then suddenly fling themselves at my feet or worse still, ON me!!~~ *shudders at the thought/imaginative picture*
Zoom closer......BLUR.....too scared to go any closer:(
This reminded me of another lizzie story back at home some time ago.....which was also at an interesting positon or rather; even at a certain angle...and man, that was truly interesting:p And that time, that lizzie actually died in action.
So, I was a little perceptive as to whether these two are still alive.....but I thought so anyway though there was not much reaction as I snapped pictures of them with the blinding flash at them.
I sensed that they were being protective....the nature to play motionless so that they will not be harmed....
Sharper zoom of them.....no worries; Angelstar's harmless to living creatures *winks*
Anyway, too tired to watch them....and went into the house.
The next morning I knew, they were already gone when I was going to work :)

Meanie beanies...

There are just some people out there who likes to make people's lives miserable....
And to make a mountain out of a mole hill.....
Yes, they are...I can't believe that myself....
I am not talking about myself...or my situation anymore...it's enough that I have gone through something like this but now, even someone close to me is being succumbed to such a situation.
I really don't know the problem with these people.....why are they being so selfish and insensitive to others' feelings?
Do they have to make such a big hoo-haa about everything?
So, what's with people doing things their own way? DO they need to report every single move to them?
Just because of not being informed about stuffs doesn't really relate to the matter of importance of you to that person....if you want to think that you are being viewed as lower class and that you are inferior to people, then, my apologies that you have such high self-esteem.
You know, sometimes, people just conjure these mental images that seriously do not make sense and then they start to form perception of people around them which may not be necessarily true.
And the bad part about them is that they do not even bother to clarify on the situation with those people....and yet, they start to cloud themselves with negative thoughts and shrouded with all the bad and ugly perceptions and then further envelope themselves and the people involved in their own misery.
Selfish, ain't they?
Worse still, those people targeted don't even know what hit them in the first place and spend ages figuring out what on Earthe have they done to offend them.....ughhhhh...what a pain that can be.
I hate to see her being unhappy; I know she is; she just doesn't want to tell me about it and shrugs it off but I do know she is still bothered by this after she heard about what caused the immature party's ignorance.
I really do not want her to go through this...it's no fun at all and I am trying to make her happy...she's my closest best friend and guide in my life....
I feel really distressed when she's miserable and yet I cannot be there with her....we told her to forget them but I do know she's totally unhappy and disappointed all because of someone so immature and disrespectful.
Ungrateful....does that selfish person know how much she has gone through and sacrificed for her through all those years? Will she be what she is today without for her?
I pray that she will open up her heart and mind to see that one person does not make a difference...if she doesn't care...just leave it that way....
I learnt the hard way as well that not everyone is nice to you when you are nice....and that you should, you know REPORT everything you do to them...so that they don't feel unimportant OR inferior that you look down on them and that they are not as worthy to you....because you think they are poor or low-down and cheap....
Suit yourself....as my principle and motto goes, when we ourselves start to look down on ourselves, who do you expect to look up to you?
As long as you stay out of this.....and stop making HER miserable...either way, I think we won't have that much interaction with you anymore...let's do it the cold-blooded way...
*Angelstar's learning to be more lucid in this world*

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thanks thanks thanks!!!~

THANK YOU everyone for all those warm wishes and phone calls, SMSes, IM messages, Friendster Messages, emails, mass singing of birthday songs over the conference phone, midnight calls, birthday cards, presents,...etc etc....
In ONE word...big big THANK YOU to each and everyone who remembered or even those who forgot(we do that sometimes but I do know that you guys have me on your minds:).....it was altogether meaningful to me and I am really touched!!!~
I LOVE all of you lots....and it has been a great birthday for me all the same this year and I will keep all those wishes and regards etched in my mind and heart!!:)
1. Mummy, Daddy and Bro - you are the BEST!!!
2. Birthday Gal Sook Yee...yeah, this is my birthday sis; we share the same birthdate and so similar in our character...January babies rocks!! *winks* How can we forget our own birthdays? Muackks Sis...sure you had a great celebration!!!
3. BESTIE LaydieBug ....she was early this year and wished me twice....on my Birthday Eve which she was so afraid that she'll forget (since last year she forgot...hehehe:p )...and again on the day itself....thanks dear LaydieBug...it meant a lot to me...also big HUG and muacks for you:)
4. Beckerzville....yeah, one of my oldest girlie friend....my little friend!!! She remembered...and wished me twice as well...missed you gal!
5. Big Sister Soik Yee.....never once missed the birthday wish...you are da best, jie jie and no, no red bomb for you...waiting for yours:p
6. CNN.....haha; he's really such an alwizbthere kind of friend and really thanks......appreciate that distance call and IM message to wish me:)
7. Soon-to-be-in-half-a-year-Doctor Liew....haha....thanks thanks and I hope you are having fun in Kubang Pasu at the moment:)
8. Pamalite....haha...how can I forget this carpool and Penang pal of mine who has never failed to be there whenever I need help?This guy has given me my birthday wishes and note and card, etc way ahead of my birthday.......*touched*....thanks thanks so much. I thought he forgot my birthday on the day itself...but he still called me after his busy day at work; before he left the office.....awwwwwww........hugs....THANKS thanks!!!.....Thanks for the dropping card and wishes in my mailbox...too bad there's no iPod...hehehe *winks*
9. Lifelesone.....my Alpha quiet little classmate.....never fails to keep in touch and text me once in a while..one of the surprises I got yesterday....just thought that he may have forgotten about it...but nope, he didnt!! Thanks thanks:)
10. My oldest jee mui....JapaneseYen...hehe:p.....still remember that old nickname...haha:) Another surprise....still remember....missed you lots...and also my Shelly Jelly and ToughChick jee muis from Year 5......missed all of you!!
11. Serena H....the rockGal.....really surprised me....also still remembered me:) Missed you too gal...one of the most chic gals I know in uni:)
12.Ah Pek....my FAVE and BESTEST uncle.....very good memory...proves that age doesnt's defect the memory...haha, so, where's my prezzie Uncle??:p
13. Yap aka Calvin....haha...this is another regular...thank you so much for your wishes!
14. Maria aka JinJin....she remembered!!! My babysitter-sis.....muacks....MISSED you lots...when are you bringing LuiLui for seafood ar?
15. Pretender aka Eric....my OLDEST penpal....he remembered as well!! I am amazed and thanks for the msg and also phone call....THANKS buddy...always can count on you:)
16. Ah Pooh and Azlan@TallGuy - Thank for the accidental wish...hehehe....and also the warmest regards...you guys are my working buddies:)
17. GPTW GANG and JLo aka Datuk Chan in KM....haha, surprise surprise...thank you for the amazing and mass greeting when I entered the conference and also thanks for the birthday song!! It was the BEST and totally made my day...you guys really ROCK and mark my working path....MUACKS and HUGS for all of you!! (Still wondering how did you guys find out and remember about my birthday...:)
**JLo....this Finance Minister forgot to order lunch for KM folks and also gave me bananas...haha...ill-treatment of birthday gal....complain complain to Miss P...*whines* (just kidding)
18. Self-professed admirers or Angelstar Fans...hahaha....thanks thanks thanks!
19. Rico....a HAPPY greeting and thanks for the cake offer and celebration...also thanks for the morning wishes and cheerful words:) You are always the NiceGuy:)
20. Jonny....haha...surprised as well that I am still remembered....thanks thanks too!!~
21. NOT the last...Benjy/Darren/WangWang...hehe aka SUPERNiceGuy....thanks for everything!! You are also the best and thank you sooooooo much:)
LONG list.......I am running out of thank you notes...there's still Babe,LeAnn,Yeow, Dada, Dudes, CoolGal, SmartGuy, Russy, MeiMei, etc etc....even I cannot remember now.....but I don't wanna populate the list any longer...since someone commented long-winding :p
Just one thing...I am really HAPPY and proud to have all of you as my friends and people in my life....it just makes the sun looks bigger and brighter...*winks*
Again...Big Big Big THANK YOU and HUGS for all Angelstar friends OUT there :)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Not forgotten..

I was unaware that in the midst of the chaos of the civil war that there is still someone out there who knows my existence and it sort of gave me a pleasant surprise.
Fuzzy by the suddenness of it, I was really taken by surprise when it came.
Let me just call him the MelancholicGuy...yeah, he's always in depression and snappy most of the time. And recently he seems to like the word Melancholic a lot; using it in his IM statuses for some time....*he's usually quite creative with his slogans for the day and thus, I usually see it...don't think I am some kind of perks who have nothing else better to do than to spy on people's statuses lar...*

Anyway, MelancholicGuy sort of made a bad start with me...although, as I later found out, it was never really his fault; he was just that way in personality and character. He has this air of pessimism and negative vibes around him which caused him constant depression and he just keeps to himself, grumbling and whining that the whole world seems to fail on him and that everything works the wrong way and that everyone and everything is black in colour. Yeah, he was in some kind of serious depression and he does, he told me himself before, that he was undergoing treatment and professional attention to his condition.
So, back to how I got to know him...he was some sorta my colleague (*I will choose not to reveal too much of details*) and he was assigned as my buddy....(it was our company's policy that each newly hired are assigned a senior to guide them in adapting to the environment and also sort of a mentor in understanding the job scope and in raising/advising any queries or doubts).
MelancholicGuy became my buddy and man, I was taken aback by his sarcasm...(yeah, I know we have been dealing with all those sarcasms with my fun gang back in KL) BUt this was like real pinching sarcasms and really pricky to the core. He sounded so snappy that initially I had this fear of him; whether to talk to him or not...as I am not sure when will he be in good mood or not. You know Grumpy, the seventh dwarf in Snow White? The one who always folds his arms and puts on a sour look? Yeah...that's a similar comparison....

Not to exaggerate over it, but to an extent, he was like that. And, on top of it, MelancholicGuy had to rub it in further by regularly picking on me; almost always on my case - no matter what I do....it always seem so low down and not good enough for his standards.
I was a little hurt but then all of a sudden, the truth about him dawned upon me when he told me about his predicament...he has been struggling with his personality changes and also mood inversion from time to time...in fact, he tried to be pleasant and he just wants to be cool....to be hanging out with those happening people...to be ...just KNOWN and acknowledged.
That was the reason behind all his weird behaviour and in always coming up with smart(or so as he thinks) comeback lines to answer everyone..(including the managers) and he takes pride in it.... (to me, it's just plain sick and insecure*)
But anyway, after that, he sort of softened down and told me that he hoped that someone could sort of help him out to be more positive...and also neutralize/tone him down a little.
And I told him as well, that I could help as well as I noticed that he was not just inflicting those negative vibes of his unto himself but also at the same time creating a very gloomy environment with people around him.
In fact, I told him honestly that he freaked me out as he was constantly so snappy and unhappy with everything.
Then, I found out about something else...he was eager to make an impression on me that he is one cool guy for some reason...

Anyway, eventually, I tried but gave up as well as he just refused to change and I told him that perhaps being himself but gradually reflecting and changing may work better. You can't expect to change overnight...and yeah, he somehow went back to his old ways...

We don't really talk a lot at work....sort of those non-talking types...in fact, we just know of each other's existence but we don't really talk...unless work required. He does IM me once in a while to ask for assistance or clarification on certain topics and this could further lead to engaging conversations but that's it. He is really a loner and introvert; prefers to keep to himself and that everyone is just there for the sake of existence.
But one note; he loves writing his codes (programming) and he's good...admit it, he spent hours and he's really utilized his time on building that competency and skill for himself.
He reads a lot too....and is technically very knowledgeable...impressive.
In fact, I would have appreaciate a reader like him to give me feedbacks and read those sarcastic feedbacks but sometimes, too much negativity really creates the gloom and sadness.....so, not to be biased, but I think I will still select my blog readers.

During the times of crisis....with all the surfacing of those office politics and issues with "those" poeple...rather, 2 instigator of which caused the whole working group to fall apart and gone into those respective boundary and keepout zones(design jargon).....he was suddenly close with them; yeah...they resorted to building their influence through involving everyone around them to be in their ally and plotting the conspiracy against us.....basically just 2 of us.
(* If you think this is exaggeration, well, it's actually more complicated than that...perhaps I will talk about it here one day....*)
So, it's like those 2 cliques and packs kind of thing and really, it's like ruling kingdoms by tyranny and different rulers.
He suddenly became sociable and so does the 2 ladies (in fact, one of them barely joins in any activities before this...yeah, another one who prefers to stay at home with her pets and partner rather than going out or even participating in company activities which are compulsory and yet, she doesn't care a bit). Yes, that's how problematic my working group was before that...but they all suddenly became such good friends and starting hanging out together...for such obvious reasons...getting back at us and intentionally showing us that they are isolating us...and to make us feel so bad over it....*childish*

I already got so immune to it and find it pointless to even dwell in the unhappiness of being victimized by their constant perceptions, suspicions, assumptions and vicious accusations and gossips flying around and therefore, I drew my line (yeah, it took me so much courage to be able to do it) and also built my own castle walls and zone to keep them out of whatever I am doing.
Therefore, I have also built the blocks and barriers to have them out of my life...and I assumed that MelancholicGuy's just one of them....whom I will basically just exchange professional demeanours and words with them....ahhhh, the cold blooded office protocols...since they want it that way, I'll just do it that way.
I am not as mean and low down to spread other rumours or try to clean myself from those accusations; it's just the same and pointless.....so, I will do it the positive way, try to be friends with them and if that didn't work, we will just be professional colleagues and there's that...period.

And, all of a sudden, out of the blue, yesterday, while I was busy at my desk drafting some engineering requirements document for a project, MelancholicGuy pinged me on the Office Communicator....as usual, without the opening of any friendly greeting, he just lashed his question
MelancholicGuy: Are you in KM this Wed?
Angelstar: Yes
Angelstar: Can I help you?
*Initially, I thought he wanted to talk to me and clarify on one of the projects that I am working on as he is currently dealing with tools and I deal with designs which may require the usage of those softwares to do it. I used to be the expert in supporting customers with those design software when I was in the same group as him but my recent change in job scope as a hard core design engineer and coordinator converted me to be the user instead of the internal support/developer group...so, in other words, I am now his customer....and so, I thought he might want to understand more on the design technology which he can rectify or program his software to work towards that capability*
Thus, I was prepared to respond in a very technical and formal way....
MelancholicGuy: When is your birthday? It's soon right?
Angelstar: HUH????
MelancholicGuy: Isn't that on xxxx?
Angelstar: *Shocked emoticon*....ermmmm, yes...
MelancholicGuy: Oh, so I am right then.I remembered it was sometime then and not sure whether I remembered the correct date
Angelstar: Okay...thanks for remembering. Didn't expect you to remember.
MelancholicGuy: Uhhh...so are you in KM on that day?
Angelstar: Yes, I am. I am usually in KM on 2 specific days of the week; following my core group.
MelancholicGuy: Uh huh...coz I got you something. I will pass it to you or I can leave it on your desk...
Angelstar: Ermmm...I will be here...
Angelstar: By the way, thanks for remembering and you really don't have to....
Then, DIng....I had to disconnect and run off to another meeting.....

But it still hit me that MelancholicGuy kept it in his mind my birthday...something which I just couldn't get it...
MelancholicGuy actually remembered my birthday!!!?? Is that for real....all of a sudden...all my resolution to become more cold-blooded and practical to draw the line turned weak...and I was really touched that despite all those chaos that they were trying to stir, there is still one who was unperturbed by it and yet, treats me in the same way...it felt really nice and all of a sudden, the world seemed bright.....
Guess I was also wrong in the same way for having formed such an unfair assumption and judgement against him....no matter what the reason...I always keep in mind whatever I read...
"Judge not and you will not be judged"....
I guess I was really absorbed in the incident and that I have been so distracted and confused that I really didn't know who to believe in anymore.....
But then, again, this did indeed prove that not everyone is judgmental....he may have been brainwashed (or attempted at) or misled by those instigators, but he was indifferent which showed that he was mature enough to make his own judgment call (I used to think that he was kinda childish and immature in all his rebellious ways...)....I guess he has really changed and grown up over time.

Perhaps...it just goes well, that in such a distressing situation...there's still some light there for me....and just when I thought that everyone is closing their doors, there is still a window open....
A quote that I liked; When God closes the door, somehow he opens the window.....
So......no matter how bad the situation may be, there's always a positive side to look at it and it all depends on you...how you want it to turn out to be....do not let the situation control you but rather, be wise to control and take charge....which is what I have been doing.....and I am not letting it affect me mentally and emotionally....just that, it does takes 2 hands to clap and without reciprocation, I should just be happy that I already took the first step:)
And I will continue to pray...whether they like me or not...how cruel they are to me...when will they come to their senses and see light...and so on....for their happiness...it is always good to forgive and forget.....it's a burden to carry grudge and hatred....

And thanks MelancholicGuy, you really made my day and proved that I was right to be positive about the whole situation.
I am really touched and it's definite, that Angelstar is still not forgotten.....so, let's always remember that there's always hope even when it rains.....So, go out and be happy....have a great day people!

Cyclone -> tropical depression

Haha....so, the whole uproar on the incoming of a cyclone-like wind and typhoon weather forecast and also the warning/alerts on floods were washed away by just an ordinary monsoon rain...which lasted for one whole day?
I suppose it was good news and eased the tension among the people; especially those living in flood-prone areas...my,it is definitely not a happy thought after reading reports on the unexpected major disaster that hit Johor and all those possibilites and mental preparation for evacuation.
Also, the sight of ruined furnitures is so not pretty - AT ALL...
Anyway, it seems that there were also preparations nevertheless...in anticipating this cyclone and which could stir up a possible storm up here during the last weekend.
I was one of them, waiting for it since Friday and of course, our Ipoh trip had to be cancelled due to that to avoid any unpleasant experiences in the rain and getting stuck in floods or worse.....
So, staying home and wondering whether I should get my laundry done....and waiting perhaps I should do it on Sunday....I was surprised with the clear Saturday we had; although there were still signs of travelling clouds in the air.....
Yeah...it's nevertheless still clear although not the shining nor clear bright blue skies kind of day...in fact, I called it clear since I was expecting DARK looming skies with torrents of water(you call them rain by the way) falling from the skies...or clouds:p
Saturday turned out to be gloomy; the sun is still there but somehow hidden behind those clouds....and you really don't know when it's gonna rain.
Well...turns out when I planned to do the laundry on Sunday...that's when I woke up early in the morning to be greeted by those cats and dogs falling down from the skies (metaphorical expression of saying it dramatically:P)
So....bummer....it was raining the whole day on the every part of the island and it feels...BRRR....so colddddddddddddd
It was still cold for the last couple of nights....and I wake up freezing every morning even when I slept without the fan on...amazing....the chill:p

And guess what, I read in the papers that apparently, the wind which they predicted could turn into a fast travelling one and the possibility of a cyclone at 65kph has actually slowed down when it reached the Equator region due to our tropical weather and thus the tropical depression slowed down(kinda depressed it) the travelling speed and therefore, the wind slowed to only about 40-50kph.....hahaha...thus minimizing and actually almost eliminating the possibility of a cyclone/typhoon...what more a storm?:p
Amazing....and yesterday, I met up with Pooh(SM)....this girl who was supposed to be our tour guide in Ipoh and specially arranged her trip home during the weekend and I asked her about the weather in Ipoh over the weekend and she was like..."Clear blue skies...hehe"

Well.....the gang may regret but I still think we never know and that cancelling the trip was a wise decision....especially with such unpredictable weather these days..we could never tell..and we don't wanna be there and start saying..."we shouldn't have come"....
Always be safe than sorry...and there's nothing wrong being a paranoid....once in a while.
Furthermore....weathers really are getting more and more weird these days....probably due to the global warming and the green house effect....
Look at Johor, who would expect flood over there?
And why are we getting gloomy weather these days?
Monsoon days are not supposed to be on the west coast now but rather, on the east.,...and they are getting normal passing showers....
Sighhhsss.....and this weekend, I am supposed to go to Langkawi with my GPTW folks...farewell and meet up with our Miss P.....let's pray that the weather will be good or else we could end up playing UNO and Scrabble in our chalets:p
And...still, Angelstar thinks it was a good thing that the weather slowed down and proud of our tropical region here...
So, who says the 4 seasons rules anyway?

Ahoy BASS-ians!!

Yoohoo....I caught up on some updates on some of my old colleagues in my previous company where I was assigned to during my internship (or Industrial training) days....seems like things have changed just in 1 year...oklar....probably 2 years? since I left the company...hahaha *grins*

Okay...to start with the story, I chatted with an old friend (she was an intern too at that time); C1 (rhymes with her Chinese name). C1 got a job in the company; BASS, upon graduation....actually, I also got a job offer in the company but I already accepted the offer up north:p
Going back to the story, we just started off with some casual chat and then I casually asked about the others...
C1 told me that this colleague, Elv just had a baby daughter last week......ooooh, I didn't even know he got married dy....*whistles*
Angelstar: So, Elv and Sy finally got married? When was that?
C1: Ermmm....nope.....Sy is not Elv's wife....
Angelstar: Huh? How come? They broke up?
C1:Errrmmmm....it's kinda complicated...and yeah, they broke up....

Ooooooo........Elv and Sy were these colleagues whom I knew of when I was an intern there. And yeah, they both worked in the same department and with each other.
Our colleagues told us that they were in courtship and that Elv started courting her when they first came in....that's how they became a couple.
Now, they have broken up......I have only left the company like...2 years ++?
And Elv's already married with a daughter.....
Wonder what happened to Sy? Last I heard she was in my company under contract for software development.....
Anyway.....congrats, and C1 mentioned that she didn't attend the wedding as none of the colleagues were invited....guess they were keeping it low:)
But nevertheless, Congrats Elv and wishing you happiness in your days ahead! :)

Angelstar: Anymore updates?
C1: Ooooo....YK also got married.... hehe *smiley/grinning emoticon*=)
Angelstar: What??? My Sifu also got married??
*KYK used to be a C# developer and he was really a smart guy...pretty young and quiet and somehow he always was helpful thus he became my C# guru...I called him my sifu*

I forgot to ask...but I guess he married his TARC sweetheart....hehe, she used to come to the office to pick him up after work...she will sit in his cube and then they will leave together...so sweet.
So, sifu is happily married and according to C1, almost everyone was invited.....how come Angelstar was not informed? *felt left out* *pouts*
Just kidding.....another marriage.....loads of them; particularly among colleagues and ex-colleagues last year....is 2006 a good year for marriages?
Anyway.....I just realized I have really missed out a lot...out-dated lar.....reminds me of my school days when I am always the last to know on any news or gossips...*sighs*
Blur lar...Angelstar....
I should really keep up.....but to KYK and Elv.....May your marriage be full of happiness and bliss...and may they last forever:)
Congrats to Elv for finally assuming the role as a Dad and to KYK, "Sifu, when are you expecting?":P Ermmm...I mean your wife....hehe *Smiles*

A friend in Need?

I carpooled with this friend of mine to work and so happened he had an emergency and had to leave early; thus leaving me with no mode of transport to go home....(although he did offer to stay back but, I insisted that he go home:)
Anyway, as I was scratching my head on how am I going to get home after work and scrolling down all my messenger windows to find any familiar or people who stay near my place, this friend came into the picture.
PK was a good friend whom I have known of since the days in uni and we became car pool mates when we met each other in the company. He has been a truly great and wonderful friend cum companion while I was here on the island; his homeland.
I wanted to ask for his help; and to check whether it was convenient for him to drive me home.
Then I was a little hesitant and also it was kinda awkward as just a few days ago, he asked for my help but I was unable to help him. Actually somehow each time he asked for my help; I incidentally had something else and was unable to do so....seems like I am a useless friend for keeps...:(
However, I slowly typed the message and to my surprise and embarassment, he said it was okay...thanks!!!
After work, I missed his call and found he was gone (we were supposed to meet at the main gate). I returned his call and found that he already left the premises....but since he just left, he will make a turn back and pick me up.
Thanks really...it means a lot to me.....
As we were cruising in the car along the BKE highway, PK started asking me what happened to my car pool buddy...and I replied that there was an emergency.
Then I related my predicament and dilemma in whether to disturb and trouble PK for the ride home....but I was indeed thankful for his help....
PK: See, each time you ask for my help, sure can....but ask for your help, cannot lar...
Angelstar: (*blushes*) I am really sorry....if you really don't have your car with you, I can drive you...I will not carpool
(See, my friend here requested for my help to drive him to work.....if I do go to work on the mainland....and since I was carpooling; seldom drive these days to the lonely stretch on the highway in the morning and also, there were rising crimes and the Mat Rempit stuffs, etc).

He laughed it off and told me it was okay...nothing to sweat about.
However, I was somehow bothered by the fact that he was probably offended that I just seemed like a parasite friend...and not a friend in NEED.
He was always there whenever he needed help whereas I always was unable to help him out....the guilt was really building up.....
I am really sorry PK......do forgive me.....I guess I have been a lousy friend.....
SORRY....I will help you whenever you need i....no questions asked and I will not say no anymore.....

*Angelstar is laden with guilt now*
*Feeling sad and lousy*
How could I be so thoughtless?
I am not a friend Indeed......do not deserve such a good friend like PK.....
Angelstar despises herself.....*sad*

Chill it...

I did it...I did it...I believe I did....I mean, I almost did it.....
Today I bumped into those people again....(I really do hate it when I have to refer them like that....). Oh well, it doesn't seem like such a surprise given we were at the same location and the same side of the Earth...:p
Anyway, I bumped right at them and we were practically face to face....awkward moment; and I was like about to smile when suddenly this little thought came screaming into my mind; a piece of advice by one of my respected bosses; "Don't smile at them, let them have a taste of their own medicine...don't be too nice...let them feel how it's like when this kind of act is done unto them as well"
Oh well, I managed a small curve on my lips....somehow I felt bad despite knowing that these people caused my misery endlessly...for months and mercilessly..without even giving a short moment of thought that it was painful to another person...furthermore, imagine when the hordes of merciless and cold-blooded treatment were showered in masses onto one single soul.....huge impact.
Nevertheless, I still felt bad...I know I shouldn't have....it's just that...this isn't me...not that I imagined myself to be some kind of saint or angelic figure who always want to be nice.
I am a human being myself...I have feelings too...there are times when I am emotional, disturbed and of course, normal to be angry too. Even Jesus Christ gets angry....so, I am just a normal Angelstar who has her share of the emotions too.
But emotions are just there to pass by....when I want to do something in action, I feel guilty.
Just like this case, people around me have told me that I should just ignore them; if they don't want to be friends, then fine...leave it at that...
I shouldn't try to cling onto people who didn't want it that way....it's their right...and their freedom...and the same goes for me. If I have put in effort and it doesn't work out, I shouldn't really dwell too much onto it....I can't say I didn't try....it's what we have put in that's important, the results do not really matter.
Yeah...easier said than done....somehow, despite what they have done and also this particular person who holds the grudge, I still do not want to hate them..it's just not the right thing.
I do not want to hold grudges or make their lives miserable in return as a revenge...if I were to do that, what's the difference between me and them?
I also want to keep on trying and trying to mend the bridge...although the other end of the bridge is closing the connection.....
I am getting tired as well...yeah, I admit it....it's exhausting when your efforts are to no avail...and you always think that probably you are on the wrong...you must have done something..but in actual fact, WHAT have I done?
I didn't get them into trouble, I didn't humiliate them, I didn't isolate them, I didn't shame them,....I did nothing.....really, except that they formed a perception of me.
Another friend of mine mentioned it's probably due to the difference in background and upbringing environment and also the education background....well...it really doesn't matter anymore now.

It's really sad.....it has been a year and when those old memories flash back, I still remember knowing them; exchanging smiles and hi's whenever we meet around the corner and also those warm little teasing moments. Now, it seems that a Hi is too heavy to be left at the corner of the mouth.....*sighs*

Although it is sad that it has ended in such a situation, I will still not make it worse...in fact, I should be thankful that it has given me a tip and insight that the world is made up of people of not just diverse backgrounds and cultures; but we are also individuals with thinking and perception. We cannot change that...it is the freedom of thought and whatever they want to do should not be argued with.
I respect that; they can continue to have that in mind (since I can't do anything to change it anyway)....and in the meantime, I will continue to pray for them that they will not continuously hoard themselves with such grudges which could cause more unhappiness for them.
I pray that they will be able to find peace and joy in their daily lives...perhaps, just perhaps (as part of wishful thinking), they will be able to find that space in their hearts to let go of this...which I find is actually more entertaining rather than disturbing as it is such a small matter.
But, no matter what, the roads are never smooth; we need to learn to slip on the glitches on the pebbles and most importantly, learn that pebbles should not be trodded on and be careful that we do not cause more hurt onto ourselves as well.
Let's just chill...and let time take its course......

Friday, January 05, 2007

Trip Cancelled?

Received a phone call which I was unable to pick up as I was in the movies earlier....then followed by a sms text.
"Trip tomorrow cancelled....postponed to another time. Don't think can make it with the bad weather"
Awwww.....that was sad....

Wondering what I am blabbering about?
Well, my group of friends here...the Jee Mui gang planned a sort of Makan and sightseeing trip to Ipoh this weekend. Everything was well-planned and the hotel room was even booked....and we have engaged one of my colleagues; an Ipoh gal to be the tour guide.
Anyway, as fate would have it, the weather's forecasted to be a little on the windy side...ermmmm...actually more than just a little windy; the Northern states are to expect heavy downpour and even strong winds which may be a little cyclone-like during the weekend.
Oooooo....sounds scary huh?
Whatever, when they read the reports, initially there were already doubts but everyone wanted to proceed....however, guess they changed their mind.....so, we are going another time....coz it was to be a heavy rain, then I suppose their makan plans and the caves tour and pasar malam walks will not work out.
So.....let's just wait for the next plan....no worries; and I can rest a little after a busy week since Christmas....also do some work studies...:p

Christmas in MidValley...

I went shopping with Mum and Dad during my time in KL as well....and I opted to go to MidValley...haven't been there for some time. Somehow, I always manage to make trips to 1U, MidValley whenever I come back; either planned or unplanned....works fine with me;since they are both my favourite shopping malls anyway:p
With the Christmassy mood in the air, most of the shopping malls have their own unique way of decorations and MidValley was always well-known for their spectacular and extravagant decorations....and there was this year I went with my family and it was a White Christmas...so beautiful *smiles*
We often hear of other countries which had beautiful and enchanting street decorations for Christmas season besides the Western countries of course.
In Asia alone, I think Hong Kong and our nearest neighbour, Singapore has one of the most magnificent street decorations which totally blow the whole country in the festive mood.....I've often heard so much about the famous Orchard Road....also a shopping haven....:)
Another would be the Philippines; from what I heard from everyone - my fellow colleagues, mentor (Marita), and also Dad himself....well, it's for sure since it's a country with a fairly high population of Catholics and Christians.....so, it's definitely a beautiful Christmas over there.
In fact, 2 of my colleagues (originally Filipinos themselves) flew back with their families to their homeland this year to celebrate Christmas as well.....awwww...so sweet:)
Another one would be Butchie; off to his wife in the Philippines and whom I hope is well and happy now....he'd be:)
I also heard that in the Philippines; they have some sort of old practice (not mandatory) of attending mass 9 days before Christmas...not sure whether this is correct....
Anyway, back to my story, compared to those countries with such a splendour of Christmas spirit, our country is comparatively plain in contrast with them.
BUT, in recent years, the decorations have improved; particularly in the capital city; KL...not too sure about the other states....but these deco are within the shopping malls; not the streets...
Of the notable ones are MidValley, Sungai Wang, and recently The Curve.
Sungai Wang was definitely one of the pioneer of the festive decorations...due to its long established fame in the city.
Now, Angelstar was in MidValley the other day and was awed by the decorations as well....
This year's theme was on candy and goodies....hahaha....
A Forest of lights, frozen white trees, and gingerbread houses (sounds like Hansel and Gretel)
Gingerbread House.....
Pic of myself....in Fairyland:p
Really nice and sweet.....you can really feel the Christmas mood.....
Keep up the good work....I really love it; makes it feel like I am in another place rather than a mall:P
Again, Merry merry Christmas!!! *Angelstar's neverending Christmas mood*
Wonder what will be the upcoming Christmas theme for 2007....*dreams*

Once upon a night in Bethlehem

Once upon a time, in a little town called Bethlehem, a child was born in the stables.
He was our Lord, Jesus Christ...the son of God...who came to redeem us and wash away our sins.
That was all about Christmas......(just some un-posted entries on Christmas).
This year or last year; as I have repeatedly mentioned (*hyperactively*) in my blog, I was home for Christmas.....it is always a time for family and loved ones:)

The best part was not just about being with family, but one of my most looked forward agenda during this festive season was the decorations, the spirit and of course, the religious part - attending the mailto:vigil@ Christmas mass!!!
Typically, there are only 2-3 midnight masses that I know in a year - Christmas, Easter (another of my favourite occasion) and also New Year:)
Christmas is always the most merry of the lot!!!..
Going for the Christmas Eve mass is always fun and endearing as I get to meet up with all my pals....hehehe.....
And this year was good as I did see a couple of them....(really felt so good to be back..*smiles*); good friend UncleChan, Liew, HotChick Jes, Bjorn, and those I don't see on frequent scale; Fabian and another pleasant surprise, Michelle!!! Now this gal; I haven't seen her in ages and before I could take a photo with her, she was already gone! *Sighs*
All was so Christmassy.....these are just a couple of photos I have of my Church simple decoration...
As usual, every year, they set up this crib/manger for the baby Jesus....

Look at this; before the mass (before midnight), the crib was empty....

After mass, baby Jesus was born!!!~

So peaceful and nice....~Silent night, holy night.....all is calm,....~

Christmas Tree.....
Merry merry Christmas....rejoice for Christ is born....Joy to the World!!!