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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jee Mui Movie Outing + Gathering

On Wednesday, I went for a movie with my "jee mui" friends.....and we watched Eragon (review will be posted up soon :)
It was a fun gathering;not fully an all-girls outing; as we got some of the guys to come along.

We watched the movie at BJC(by the way, Cathay Cineplex is truly no match to my fave GSC or TGV....these rock but CC definitely NOT:P )
First,we met up for dinner...and guess what, we went to McD......haha, some of them complained that they just had KFC for lunch and were complaining that they were stuffed with junk....ermmmm, fast food (junkies anyway) for the day. Anyway, for convenience and quick meal; fast food outlets are usually the normal hangout for most people....especially youngsters nowadays. Really rich kids (or brats); spending endless hours in fast food chain restaurants, no wonder they are earning big bucks here in Malaysia and opening outlets one after another....mushrooming around. And of course, at the same time, parents are also earning big bucks...after their kids burn holes in their pockets by their lavish spending, I have no doubt they do need to work hard.
Hey, I am not exaggerating....kids these days do know how to enjoy life...chilling out and chatting in places like Starbucks, Coffee Bean, Secret Recipe...where a drink costs RM10 while the older generation sweat it out in local and familiar noisy coffee shops or mamak stalls for a RM1 drink (sometimes less)......evolution :)
Anyway, I am already earning my own income and proud that I didn't brat too much when I was jobless kid:p
Back to the story, again I was early (what's new, Angelstar's always annoyingly early...I prefer to call that punctual:) and I was hanging around the premises (not loitering...not such a nice word for Angelstar context:p ).
Snapped picture of the McD...haha.....Angelstar loves pics and especially for her blogs....
Our bound to be dinner place...I don't really fancy fast food....I get sick somehow when I take fast food...sore throats, sometimes fever or stomach discomfort and I do have hyper-sensitivity to food...which clearly explains why I am such a fussy and picky eater....haha, this stuck to me until today (a born fussy person even as a toddler and before I was born:p ). Still proud of it nonetheless, coz that's the unique me:)
The rest arrived soon after...hmmm, about 30 mins late? Sighhh...Malaysian time:p
Everyone made quick orders; movie was due at 7.25p.m...so, an hour to kill and no worries; since we were in a fast food chain.....
Haha...some candid pics of them busy with their conversation:)
After dinner, we proceeded to this little gift shop in BJC which sells loads of gifts and souvenirs as some of the gals wanted to get some gifts for their little Xmas party and the gifts exchange session.
This is a nice little shop; Nice Day or something....haha, loads of cutie stuffs...and the ladies had a visual feast:)
Ms. CL sharing her ideas and suggestions on the right gifts to win a girl's heart...hahaha.....solemn and exclusive tutoring tip:p
Still deciding on what to buy for Chrismas presents? Being Santa Claus or Santa helpers?:)

Then we of course, proceeded to the cinema...the cineplex I mean.....gosh, one thing I must note about BJC restrooms.....they are ultimately DISGUSTING and right down DIRTY....did I mention that word....GROSS, YUCKY!!!!
All the toilets couldn't flush and the whole place totally stinks....enough to make you empty your stomach's content after a meal....I was so disgusted and grossed out by the poor...hmmm, better word, TERRIBLE and one of the worst hygiene and sanitary condition of the place that it almost killed my mood for the movie....
We went in to our places...and one thing I noticed about Cathay Cineplex..perhaps in BJC alone...was the seats. It was pretty low down and to me, my impression was that it seemed that everyone is sitting at an almost similar height....not the obvious levelled seating as we have in GSC or TGV....sighhh, trying not to be so comparative but it was pretty obvious in the differences.
I was a little cautious when I sat down....haha, call me biased/paranoid but BJC is not the Gurney Plaza material and was rather complex in the crowd; so I just had the thought to check out to seats to make sure there were no trash or worse, poking needles with screaming labels of HIV....*shudders at the very thought*
I settled down and then the movie started shortly.....oooo, I forgot to mention that we were watching Eragon....yet another of those magic and fantasy world genre movie.
Another span of book adaptation;by Christopher Paolini.....yet, again, trilogy series.....sounds familiar?
Perhaps you might wanna think of Harry Potter and LOTR of similar fame:p
Anyway, the movie started out confusing...for me in particular (especially after the disgusting washroom drama and also the momentary lapse of seating paranoia). Furthermore, I haven't read the book beforehand and book adaptations typically start off and run in a familiar book-manner (get what I mean?)
So I was a little caught off guard and blur for a short while when they did the prologue of the movie.
Then the flow of story got into me and I laid back and kinda enjoyed the movie.
I wouldn't say it was anything spectacular nor was it devastatingly disappointing but I must say that it was not too bad and I find it interesting and also enjoyable.
In fact, I do want to read the book...thanks to a friend who already sent me the soft copy but I think I'd love to own the books...in flesh...ermmm, i mean in book-copy; physically:)
Haha, I will write up a review soon but the basic story revolves around a boy, Eragon (like, duhh, Harry Potter style) who was born a dragon rider...and he has this mark on his palm....a little Harry-Potter like:p
The story goes on how he and his chance encounter with his supposedly destined pet dragon, Saphira who set out on their mission to revive the dragon riders' generation and fight against the tyranny lord.
Not bad.....and one of my friends, Fadz actually mentioned she wanted a dragon as a pet after the movie. Hahaha......you can, if we can find one of its kind at this age...but then again, who knows, right?:p
After the movie, CL's boyfriend wanted to go home and we proceeded to our chillout session at this Thumb Cafe; Da Mu Zi (in Chinese) in Taman Pekaka, near USM area.
I know this cafe which I heard from a friend who knows one of the co-owners of the quaint little pub.
Not exactly a pub lar...but we enjoyed a cool time there...they have an extensive menu and selection for drinks and I mean...non-alcoholic....Angelstar doesn't drink...too bad, for some of my good friends:p
We even made one of our friends to go up to sing...hahaha, bad lar...poor him:p They even continuously called him the outcast of Malaysian Idol...but hey, this guy can really sing. In fact, he has his own band and they will be performing their first gig and releasing their own first album soon in January.
haha....promoting for Izwan....they will be in Berjaya Times Square.....*winks*
We left as we had to go to work the next day...it was getting late and we definitely had a blast of a time.....great quickie hangout before Xmas.....:D