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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When the Saints go Marching In

1st of Nov!!!
Finally Nov is here:D
I always start my Christmas frenzy countdown from Oct to Dec....gosh so much to do and my Christmas list!! This year, I have new additions to my list...haha:D

Oh ya, since today's the first day of Nov, it's actually All Saints' Day; a day of obligation for ALL Catholics worldwide to attend mass and receive Holy Communion!
I am going for mass later today too:D
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O When the Saints Go marching in, o when the saints go marching in....
O Lord I want to be in that number,
O When the saints go marching in....
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*I just love this hymn!*

HAPPY ALL SAINT'S DAY to all of you out there and may you have a blessed and saintly day:D
Happy Thursday!~