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Friday, January 05, 2007

Once upon a night in Bethlehem

Once upon a time, in a little town called Bethlehem, a child was born in the stables.
He was our Lord, Jesus Christ...the son of God...who came to redeem us and wash away our sins.
That was all about Christmas......(just some un-posted entries on Christmas).
This year or last year; as I have repeatedly mentioned (*hyperactively*) in my blog, I was home for Christmas.....it is always a time for family and loved ones:)

The best part was not just about being with family, but one of my most looked forward agenda during this festive season was the decorations, the spirit and of course, the religious part - attending the mailto:vigil@ Christmas mass!!!
Typically, there are only 2-3 midnight masses that I know in a year - Christmas, Easter (another of my favourite occasion) and also New Year:)
Christmas is always the most merry of the lot!!!..
Going for the Christmas Eve mass is always fun and endearing as I get to meet up with all my pals....hehehe.....
And this year was good as I did see a couple of them....(really felt so good to be back..*smiles*); good friend UncleChan, Liew, HotChick Jes, Bjorn, and those I don't see on frequent scale; Fabian and another pleasant surprise, Michelle!!! Now this gal; I haven't seen her in ages and before I could take a photo with her, she was already gone! *Sighs*
All was so Christmassy.....these are just a couple of photos I have of my Church simple decoration...
As usual, every year, they set up this crib/manger for the baby Jesus....

Look at this; before the mass (before midnight), the crib was empty....

After mass, baby Jesus was born!!!~

So peaceful and nice....~Silent night, holy night.....all is calm,....~

Christmas Tree.....
Merry merry Christmas....rejoice for Christ is born....Joy to the World!!!