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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Free giveaways!~

Yo Dudes and Dudettes!!!...

I just got this online vouchers and coupons which entitles you to get discounts for food and also free movies!! Hahaha......

For you food lovers out there....check out this new craze from KFC; the Alaskan Fish Burger which claims to be more fishy than its competitor....like duuuh, isn't that obvious...which other competitor of KFC has Fishy Burgers/Combo set meals?:p

Well for KFC fans out there, here's a change to your chicky meals...20% discount for your Alaskan fish burger set meals...now I really wonder whether the fish is really, genuinely imported from Alaska itself..hehe:p

Now this is to redeem the movie tickets from GSC....yeap, GSC but too bad, KL-lians, this only applies to Penangites or any current islanders (like me:p ) since this is only for the outlet in Queensbay Mall which is to open soon....and thus, the promotion craze for the week; 20th-24th January....

Anyway, sounds pretty cool but the movies, of course are tagged with a condition that they are re-runs of previous movies...not that antique lar...:p Examples: Happy Feet, Casino Royale, MI3, Eragon, CicakMan (ewwww...), Rob-B-Hood, etc....about 8 movies....

You didn't think they'd give you free movie tickets to the latest movies in town, did you? Awww, if you did, you're just too sweet for words...:p

So, if you have watched them and are interested to re-watch it (it's free anyway!) , just go and watch it....ooohhh, a little note, you need to cut it out and redeem those free movie passes...entitled for 2 I think.

Have fun!! Hope you liked this sharing...hehe....as they say, sharing is caring :)