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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

St Anne's Feast in Bukit Mertajam

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I went to Bukit Mertajam last Saturday;travelling early in the morning from the island over to the mainland; to make my way to pay homage to the Holy Grandmother; Mother St Anne (mother of our Lady, Mother Mary).
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I was expecting a huge crowd; but probably due to the date on which I went; which was about 2 days following the actual feast day, there were not too many people around.
I was there at about 5.30-6am; to beat the early crowd....and to my surprise, there was not much traffic and even most of the stalls were closed; except for a few nearer to the church's entrance; which sells flowers, newspapers and candles; on those metre long sticks used for hiking the hill.
There were still large groups; probably coming from trips organized by their respective parishes; reciting prayers and singing songs of worship along the way; at each station of the cross.
It was once again a renewed feeling to be there at the sacred place and somehow I felt peace within myself as I step into the church compound and upon entering the old church's hall.
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Only the old church is often open for visits; particularly out of the normal hours.

The crowd usually will be around the old church; and then hike up to the St Anne's hill; the hill where St Anne was reported to have been sighted long time ago in history.
I have covered the story of St Anne in my other blog last year

St Anne; covered with the flowers from fellow parishioners:)
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The hall; filled with prayers from the faithful
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The famous St Anne's hill
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I will be posting the story and more captures of my trip in my travel blog :)
It was a pleasurable homage visit and I prayed for everyone; for health and well-being:)
Have a blessed day everyone!~