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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Not a great day

Sighs...today doesn't seem to be so great after all...
Actually it was supposed to start out great...haha, at least my allergies' not that bad anymore :)
But then stepping out of the house...everything seems to going the other way round....like a twist of Just My Luck:p

First the car incident...slow driving and blocking and my car was this close to being clamped by the barrier!
2nd, I was trying to update another blog of mine and took so much effort and time to write that post and then when I click Publish, BAM!! Siao Siao Blogger just didn't save it for me!!!
Oh my....what happened to the blogger's auto saving feature????!!!!
Nothing, no drafts....so down!!!!!

Then....somebody mistook that something happened and I was the cause when I was totally doing it right....work jargons:p
Great...and I am going down for lab tour later...let's hope and pray that I don't get sucked into a machine or eeee.......stop cursing myself!
It will be better....
What's that...Today will be better than yesterday...can I change it to afternoon will be better than this morning? :)