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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deadly Hollows

My Singaporean housemate; didn't go back this weekend; which was a good thing for me actually; at least there's companion in the house.
Anyway, the other housemate also came home...so it's happy 3-4(including housemate's bf) crowd in the house!:D

Okay back to my housemate; the reason she didn't go back was due to Harry Potter...not the movie but the book:p
She got hold of the book; not in Singapore but in Malaysia (cheaper over here) and she wanted to finish it. She read until 3 or sometimes 5am in the morning over the week; I think about 3-4 days where she was late to office..(I was home on MC, remember...)
So, this weekend, she decided to catch up on her sleep...hahaha....

And I don't think she's the only one...I bet tons out there are doing the same...
Man.....this is really causing all those dark circles and black eyes effects, huh.....haha, and this again spurned the next title of "Deadly hollows"....the hollowy eyes of reading too much and losing those beauty sleep you should get....haha....

And I still haven't read the book!!! AAAAArrrrrggghhhhhhh......
calm calm.....no rush for the book.....:)