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Sunday, August 26, 2007


This morning was getting ready to go to KM; the dreaded first day of the week (or was it second:p)....only to be greeted by a heavy shower out there!!
I was thinking; hey, no biggie, just drive through the rain real slow and it will be fine....
BUT NO......
the minute I exited the main gate of the condo, the rain was pattering so hard on my screen that I could barely see and also, it was really hard on the screen that it felt like it was gonna break the screen!!
And there were so much water everywhere and the wind felt so strong...(not exaggerating although I was in the car!!)
Most of the cars slowed down or turned on their hazard lights and stopped by the roadside...imagine that even cars were freaked out by the rain, I wonder about motorcyclists....
I was debating with myself until I finally decided to turn back to my place to wait for the rain to subside....
It was too scary to drive out there...and imagine the long drive...the open space across the bridge....the dark roads of the highway....*shivers* ( I was slightly phobic of rainy days when I drive to KM coz there was this time my car almost spun near the roundabout about 2 years ago:(
Decided to work from PG office first; and will have to head over to KM office later....
Even my boss is late today!!!

I love the rain...but WHY oh WHY....Mondays??? KM???
Bother.......thanks for "cheering" those Monday blues.....sighs...BIG BIG BIG SIGH!!!