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Monday, August 06, 2007

Barbie's Dance

Another movie review?
Haha...yaya...Angelstar just happen to be in the mood for movies these days instead of series:p
And this is another animation I watched:D

I have always loved Barbie...which girl doesn't anyway? It's always a beautiful dream and the sweetie and girly pastel pink colours are just enough to make you go ga ga when you were a little girl in ponies and pigtails.
It's inexplicable; just the way guys go wawa over Transformers:)

I always have been fond of Barbie animations (by Mattel) since it was shown on TV3; our local TV channel. I think I have watched more than a couple of them; from Swan Lake to Rapunzel,Nutcracker, Magic of Pegasus,Fairytopia,Princess and the Pauper and to add to my list is the recent 12 Dancing Princesses.
Actually not so recent anymore; it was last year's release
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So sweet and I was enchanted once again by the magical world and also reminded of my love for fantasy and fairytales with all the promises of an always happy ending:)
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Not too long and a simple adaptation of an old story; the 12 Dancing Princesses.
This animation was just so pinky and sweet; as in all Mattel's animations.
I just loved it; not much review about the movie before I bore everyone out of their wits:p
*dreams of fairylands*