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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Just My Luck

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I watched this movie; starring Lindsay Lohan who was such a lucky chic who can just hit the jackpot if she picked and scratched a lottery ticket at random.
In the busy New York city, she never has to wait for a cab and in the worst situations, she can turn things right and even landed herself a promotion.
Then her luck turned when she kissed this MOST unlucky guy on earth and their luck just interchanged like that....
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And she couldn't figure out why until she remembered that her bad luck started from that kiss and there is one major issue, she couldn't remember the guy since it was a masquerade party and she tracked down the list of guys; dancers at the party and kissed everyone of them to win her luck.

When she did found her luck and the right guy, she realized that everyone else around her suffered some sort of bad luck.
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And after a decision, she decided to kiss the guy she has fallen for to return his luck and he didn't want it either; and they decided to balance it by giving it to his little sister...so sweet:D

It's a nice and simple story but I also got to thinking; what would I do given this situation?
Would I give up my own luck and luxury?
You know, I am not trying to act noble or be such a great heroine and drama queen here; but frankly, if I were given such luck, but everyone around me will not be lucky, I will not be happy either.
I am enjoying all the luck and yeah, I may be all smiles but everyone around me are in tears; I don't think I will be happy with that luck and it isn't so lucky anymore.
Even the smile will vanish from my face....
I mean it, given anything, I truly appreciate happiness more than anything...

And on another side of the story, my ex-housemate whom I just talked to this morning, the shampoo girl(haha, she should know what I mean...if she remembers our memories)...was so darn lucky coz she won the 4D cash prize....and the number she bought was totally absurd....
So darn lucky lar!!!!
But never mind, she's gonna treat me, right?hahaha....
Talk about luck and sharing......:D