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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Darndest things

I just attended my staff meeting and they were updating on the upcoming teambuilding...
It's gonna be hiking and after the organizer finished presenting, it was time for Q&A and one of the questions was so funny!
They included the photo session in the agenda; you know, after all the activities and such...
And it so happens that they were supposed to bring additional change of clothes as they will be sweating and getting themselves messed up...
So this funny guy asked, "What kind of attire is expected for the photo session?"
The room roared with laughter and my naughty boss actually answered; trying to be solemn at the same time(keeping a straight face and holding back his laughter)
"Well, formal....guys should bring along suits and ties and ladies, do bring along an evening gown"....

And at the end, the organizer reminded everyone to be punctual and also to bring the items required and my boss had to add in, "And remember your suits and gowns for the photo session!"
Hahaa....and who says only Kids say the darndest things?;p