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Monday, August 20, 2007

Where is Angelstar?

Whoa.....I was surprised by the responses from all my friends out there; my blog's readers who bombarded me with questions when I finally posted my blog after my MIA for a week!!!
It was really touching lar....I didn't realize that I had regulars to my blogs...am really happy and thankful to you guys lar...BIG HUG!!!:D

And too many questions on where I went, bla bla bla....hahaha......felt like a celebrity pula...(Cheh, perasan.....LaydieBug's favourite phrase...still remember gal?)

Okay, to answer all questions and to avoid repetition, I was out for vacation (will update, so be patient, sabar lar....must be more mysterious mar)
Then I was sick....yeah, weakling me!
I was down with a very high fever and also a serious bout of food poisoning and I was like, couldn't really get up much for 3-4 days.
I just felt tired on the first day and didn't suspect the hint of fever; only slept like the whole day (you know me, I only sleep at night, I am really a light sleeper and I cannot take afternoon naps else I will face a sheep counting night:p)
I was sleeping and was awakened by very hot temperature; mind you, my room was closed without the fan on and the windows were closed as well.
I was having a very high fever; burning temperature and I hastened to swallow the Paracetamol pills and proceeded for a quick shower. And then acute stomach pains at night....went to the doctor twice; and still no improvement.
By the 3rd day, proceeded to hospital for check up; didn't want admission so was put on medication looor....
And slowly recovering ....
Don't worry, I am fine right now.....

At the same time, my granny was also hospitalized due to her health problems as well; mummy and daddy were already really worried about gran....and then me.....
But I am really fine now; still on medication...to complete:)

But I am really thankful for all the hi's and how-are-yous and also where-on-earth-have-you-been....hahaha....
My absence is felt....haha, feel really cared and loved....
Okay okay, back to the ground, float too much dy:p

But thanks to y'all!!~