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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Viral fever...

I was on MC for the last few days; down with the fever....
Talking about health, I am usually very careful with fever; as I have this tendency of marking very high temperatures....
I haven't had fever for some time now; which is definitely a great thing but this was one rebound and I was really taken by surprise...
Initially I went to see the doc for the discomfort I felt on my hand; suspected some ergonomics (RSI related issues) due to my long hours with the computer, etc.
Anyway, I soon felt heat and was really uncomfortable....and on Monday morning, I couldn't go to work; body temperature was kinda hot....and I thought, hey, I can be back to work on Tuesday and then no...finally yesterday I got myself to work.
When I reached the office, I was like, darn, this is too cold but I forced myself to continue working although I felt temperature was rising.
Actually I was given MC until yesterday(inclusive) but I just felt bad of being on sick leave for so many days that I couldn't bear to ask my boss for another day off.
However, my fever was really bogging me and then finally, I asked my boss for half-day to go home to rest.
My boss was mild about it and told me to rest more...it was a relief...:)
Anyway, I am better now...and I have my paracetamol with me...just in case....

I remembered that I'd go for a blood test if my fever pursues:p
I guess it's due to the weather; or maybe other related factors....
My doctor almost shocked me when he told me there could be 2 reasons (when I returned for the 2nd visit); one was due to the viral infection and the second, pox!!
No no no!!!
Anyway, he ruled that out as he mentioned that the appearance of the spots would trigger the rest, and if it is really pox, there will be spots appearing all over the body within 24 hours of the first spotted pox.

So, everyone, just take good care of your health; drink more water and take care of your body:)