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Monday, August 27, 2007


The much awaited movie...erm...correction, MY much awaited Disney animation movie is finally out!!!
Hehe....I was out the week of its release but fret not, I finally watched it last weekend!! YEAY!
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Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Don't worry, I won't be doing a full-length review here....you can check out my Movie Bugz blog for that;)
*Furthermore, I want no spoilers for those who have not watched the movie yet:p

As a Disney fan, you will not expect much bad criticsms from me. However, that being said, it doesn't mean that I will provide such a biased opinion:p
Anyway, I must say...it was really cool...hehe, funny!
Another thing...it was a little gross come to think of it...especially with those mass of rats scampering all around...YIKES!!
I couldn't stand that:p

A gist of the storyline; there is this rat who was different from the others...he had an exquisite culinary skill and also taste.He is definitely not just ANY rat that will eat ANYTHING...haha, and he dreams of becoming a chef...a dream he harboured all his life and he spent his time admiring his idol, the famous French Chef Gusteau who had a restaurant in the world's romantic city, Paris.
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Gusteau died, and in a twist, Remy(the main character...the extraordinary rat) found himself in Paris and soon on his way to becoming a chef through the hands of Linguini, a kitchen boy who just wanted a job.

Okay, enough said...or else you guys will say I spoil it for you:p
The thing about this movie is this; the animation and 3D graphics...quite realistic...
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You can even see those hairs on the rats.....eeeewwwssss.....
I never did liked rodents and I wouldn't say it changed much even after a Disney movie:p
But hey, it was entertaining and the graphics and animations were kinda real.....
I enjoyed the movie...although I must say, it wouldn't really be that suitable for young kids...the meaning and the experience depicted in the movie may be too complex for a kiddy's story:p

For full details and more dissection into the movie, gotta check my Movie Bugz;)