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Sunday, August 05, 2007


It's Monday (AGAIN!) and my Mondays were never better....double the blues since it usually means Kulim day...SIGHS!
Haha....yet another sigh for Kulim day....guess I should start a fund for my sighs:p

Anyway, each time I drive to Kulim early in the morning, Hitz.fm never fails to entertain me...haha, maybe I should request for advertising fee from the radio station.
Okay, one of my favourite session was the Morning Crew; Rudy and JJ (I have met him in person before...hehe:)
They host the morning show and one of the highlights of the show?
Of course, the Gotcha session.
Haha....actually, it's a real meanie:p

A couple of times I have heard a few mean tricks; mostly friends enjoying the wicked laughs over their friend's reaction whom they preyed upon.
One very patient guy was last 2 weeks where he was actually waiting to hear about his job search results and his friend got the DJs to call him up and pretended to actually offer him a job; with a slightly lower pay and also his immediate response.
Then they told him that they would like to do a quick round of spontaneous interview and got him to act on the job. This job he was applying for was the Helpdesk; helping and answering technical questions from customers.
The DJ hit it off by asking him how to setup a computer and then email and this guy was really patient and did really well in answering all the bozo questions; what is an email; how to send an email.
Then after some time, the DJ asked him about getting on the web
DJ: What will happen if I type www.hitz.fm?
Guy: Oh, it will bring you to this website with the similar name and you can browse through the contents.
DJ: Ohhh...I see this icon; what happens if I click on the Gotcha icon?
Guy: Oh, it will launch a mini window or probably another page where it contain details or anything that is related to the icon...
(He still doesn't see the light...and he was really very amiable throughout the session)
DJ: What happens if I tell you your friend clicked on the Gotcha icon and sent your details to the radio station to call and play a fool on you?
Guy: (Paused) That would be.....very funny....
Guy: Ohhhh....
DJ: I gotta tell you, you are really a very patient guy.....but on behalf of Hitz, I gotta say ..."GOTCHA"!!!

Haha.....I am impressed by his patience too and I am sure he will definitely get a great job, so hang in there dude!

Another time was this husband playing a prank on his pregnant wife waiting for her medical examinations results and telling her she failed. Strong woman that one; haha...disbelieving, skeptic and wanted to check things out...but was hysterical when she found out and kept calling them mean...hahaha

And this morning was one; where they called this guy about his flight arrangements and offered more than a couple of absurd flight schedules. The guy was gettting flustered and so angry that he wanted to call the manager when the DJ...hey, it's me, Jake...haha...Gotcha!!
And he couldn't stop laughing...hahaha:D

It's really stress-free listening to these folks and also....I do missed my deejaying days when I listen to them talking all those in a free flow:)
I miss all of you DJ guys back there in RMMU......

And...I must say, much as it's funny and a meanie, the Gotcha programme was definitely innovative and fresh....haha...and a good laugh:D
Have a great day everyone!~