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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Near escape

Wow....this morning, I came into the office early and I was thinking to myself;
Hey, the weather looks like it's gonna rain today....(as I gazed into the dark and black skies - usual at an hour 0f 6am)....hehe...
I know, sounds absurd that I can predict rainy weather...it's still dark at that time:p
Anyway, I always can sense rain..don't ask me how, I just can...sometimes, can even "smell" rain.
I walked slowly into the building, past the guard and security scanner post and made my way into the elevator all the way to my floor.
After filling my water bottle with water from the dispenser and walking towards the cubes, I heard the loud shattering noises; really noisy...and my colleague linked it to the air-conditioning.
Somehow, I don't think so and I mentioned that it was the rain....and if it really is rain, then I am really lucky that I missed it by seconds:)
And then, as I walked down the long aisle of corridor leading to my cube, I can really confirm it is rain!
Haha...lucky me!!
If I was at the car park any longer, I am gonna be drenched...even with my umbrella sheltering me... wow, to think that I just escaped the downpour....
The minute I was in the office premises (inside the building, it poured like anything out there...haha, a true depiction of raining cats and dogs:)
It's still raining now...such a beautiful weather...
It hasn't been raining during the day for the last few days.....hehe, maybe also having fever like me:p
I love these rainy seasons:)