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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oxford vs Cambridge Debate!!!

I just received this email...there's an upcoming debate!!
Between the 2 prestigious universities!!
Happening next weekend; 8th Sept....I so wanna go and see this!!!

Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

I so wanna go lar....why everything falls on the same day???!!!
First one of my GPTW pals has his engagement party and the others are having a trip to Ipoh to attend and me, I am the only one who has to attend a darn training on Saturday.....(training is on Friday and Saturday)...so sad lar!!!
*Hoping for an early end to the training...

Now, this...now if only i can go for all at the same time...isn't that a better solution?:p
DARN lar....8th of SEPT!!! Everything clashes and I am stuck in training:(