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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gathering with Jee Mui

I had a fun time with jee mui's last night...haha, and also the guys lar...but dunno whether I should refer to them as heng tais...LOLz....
I will post some pics up soon, once I get around to uploading them; didn't take too much pic as I should have...must have been too tired after work, so passive:p
All in all, I do miss these gatherings and it's been some time since I hung out with them...haha, they are a hilarious lot!:D

I also miss my KL or Kepong gang a lot ler....and also the MMU jee mui/siao link...haha...and are you still here, Bitch Club President (which I never joined)? Haha...it was still fun listening to you guys....:D