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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Freaky Housemates

Life really drives you crazy sometimes....
You get tonnes of stuffs to work on and on your head for the day at your workplace; driven by all the deadlines and also the stress and pressure from co-workers and having to deal with everyone and everything and then looking forward for a peaceful end and relaxation back at home once you step out of the office.
For some yes, we do get that but for me, sighs, I need to face the wrath of meeting my housemates aka people who stay under the same roof as me but not of family relation.
I am at a loss of words; I don't really know how to describe anymore....
One is really extremist and kinda self-inclined; prefers everything to be done her way and exerts her authority (sometimes) as the anchor tenant of the house...perhaps like most people say, the kiasunism exhibit.
The other; okay, she started off okay, nice...and then slowly became moody and don't really care about stuffs around anymore.

Remember the cleanliness issue I mentioned earlier?
You know, Housemate #1 stuck a piece of paper on the kitchen window and proposed that we start a sweeping-the-house schedule, said she noticed that the floor was rather dusty and that she has been sweeping every Mon and Wed and that we ought to do the same.
I was the ONE who mentioned that and I was the ONE who sent out the email and now she made it seem like she's the noble one who started to realize things are getting out of hand and need to get a grip on it???
Wow....pretentious and such an artificial snob!!!
And this is not the first time she has done this; claiming undue credit to herself...(Sticks out tongue:p)

The 2nd one; okay, she is also another snob recently....I know you have a great bf who drives a nice car and who takes good care of you but that's no reason to think that you are such a great person and that everyone needs to bow to your needs.
First, the bathroom; there's hair and they don't clear it after their shower....
Recently she has been asking for the card access to the carpark (FYI, each condo unit is allocated a carpark and also a card to permit access to the condo premises; usual stuff as in all high-rise residential areas).
Housemate#1 doesn't drive; so she has given me the card and the parking space. I gotta pay her for that and also signed an agreement and I made her promise that I will not rotate nor give that car park under any circumstance which makes sense since I moved in first.
Housemate#2 requested for the card access recently because the security guards have been tightly scrutinizing the cars entering the premises; of course I can't give it to her; I need to go in and out for work.
Okay, then I was out last week and she called me; asking whether she can park her car in my place because she needs to travel home.
So much more stories...suffice to say that it is not really a pleasant stay....

With my work stress and such uptight situation at home.....how can I achieve a relaxed state after a long day at work? :-(