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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Morning Misters!

This morning I drove out of my condo heading to work and I was in line behind these 2 cars; a Getz and a Wira which was scanning their security access card.
(My condo provides us with a card...something like a Touch&Go type that you flash at the point and the bar will lift to allow your entry and exit from the premises).
Okay, so the first car, the Wira was so slow and he turned left.
Then the 2nd car, the Getz flashed his car and after his bar lifted, he drove out...and then it was my turn and when the bar lifted; I wanted to move out, but that Getz was just right there; undecided which direction he wanted to go; right or left (by right, it should be left since the right turn was against the traffic flow).
I had to flash the lights at him or else risk the barrier crashing on my car!!!

Oh bother!!!
Anyway, I proceeded with my left turn and drove until I caught up behind another car which was crawling; and I really mean crawling!!!
It was that first Wira.....
Oh my.....
I overtook him and drove on my way....

On the road to my company as well, I bumped into another car which was crawling and another bus which made the right signal and turn left....

Awwww....great start to a day....:(
Are they all awake??!!!
Hey...Good Morning Misters!! Please wake up when you are on the road!!!