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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix

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I watched this movie version of the 5th installment of the Potter series in GSC over the weekend.
My review or rating of this movie?
Okay, it was way below expectation......no thumbs up from me this time....

I know Order of Phoenix and also the Half-Blood Prince were not exactly action-packed installments and no promise of major exciting wizard chase and drama but still, this movie adaptation of the book fell short of the book's story.
I was greeted by the grown and hunky Daniel Radcliffe brooding at the meadows in the opening scene and then his rising temper over his cousin Dudley's intentional clowning around and the looming of the dark clouds which successfully spurned the running of both cousins towards the dark tunnel where they were greeted by......something sinister.....

Okay, no major spoilers...I don't think everyone has watched it yet...
But suffice to say, I was watching from start to end and I didn't find any element that really gave me a "Wow" factor....in fact, I was even disappointed in the poor editing of the movie where the transition was not smooth.
In fact, pace was slow (same as in the book) but it felt even more elongated in the movie (it's supposed to be the adverse effect, right?)

Anyway, whether I recommend it or not, it's not my verdict as "One man's meat is another Man's poison".
But I have to give to a few amusing parts by the Weasley twins....haha:)

OOooooo....and thanks to GSC for the Harry Potter file folder as a freebie....liked it:) Wonder should I show to my housemate...haha:p