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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Copycats ALERT!!!

Hmmm....I started noticing that people like to benchmark my style recently; I meant in stuffs that I do and also my writing.Not that I am so self-conscious or anything...but sometimes, you just wonder where are the originality and their self identity....siggghhhhh.

And guess what...if you have been following some of my posts, remember I mentioned there are people who are making things difficult?
That particular person was one who has been following my style in trying to be in favour and to make an impression....
Well...to me, it is always good to have your own image and unique identity....furthermore, benchmarking your competitor...man, to me, that's just plain low down and despicable.
God created us as separate individuals and we are given the ability to think.....with the mind/brain being granted to us.
It is never too hard to have just a simple style for yourself...even if you do not plan to make yourself your own trademark or style, for goodness sake, do not COPY people as well.
It is always frustrating to have people who just want the easy way out.
Copying is always frowned upon by the world and personally, I am way against people who copies as well.
Yea....you may not be able to determine what style you are looking at or what you want...BUT,sometimes, being ourselves is not really an effort, right?
We are created and brought up in different and diverse environment and culture and that itself already molded us into who we are and what we are in the world.
You may think you are just a plain Jane; but hey, plain Jane is also herself....all you need to do is just let it be....and not try too hard sometimes.
C'mon, have some self-dignity....be yourself...be original...(haha, somehow now this sounds like some anti-piracy campaign thing:p )
People will tend to respect those who make their own efforts in being original and creative in the journey of establishing their own identity....
I've made my point....and for those copycats out there....(yeah, those who copy my style of writing and greetings and also my cute little icons in my communication and business emails); I hope you will be recognized one day....and if you continue to do that...I rest my case:)