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Friday, April 29, 2005

Last Day.....

Ahaaa.....managed to squeeze in an entry before the end of the month...been really idle this month...but I have loads of pics yet to be posted and also reviews of the series and books which I have taken advantage to watch and read during my hols.Hmmmmm...I'm starting to feel bored and a little rusty sitting and lazing around at home doing nothing but reading and watching tv and wandering around wondering what to do....sighhhh!~
Gonna buck up and look for a job soon before I actually start to rot:p
I have also read the 5th book of Harry Potter series....interesting but a little disappointing as well in its twist...let's hope the next episode will be better.
I'm gonna go out to watch a movie later....hehehe.....but anyway,I am looking forward to work on my blog....been really empty for the month of April....hope this will not be so when I enter my working life....hahahaha:)
Alright,this entry is basically crapping all the way....but just as a reminder that the blog is still alive and will go on.....:D