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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pink Day and I am Blue?

Now, if there is not enough absurd days around added to our calendars, this morning I heard JJ and Ean (Hitz.fm morning crew deejays) announcing that today is the International PINK Day!

yeah, LOL, even Pink has its day; just like every dog has its day, so do every color from now on.

I don't know how relevant this is, but according to the deejays, it is a celebration to the World Health Day and therefore, the connotation to pink, I guess to wish everyone the PINK of health, maybe?

Well, whatever, I can't be more glad for another reason to wear pink or to make everyone around me, wear pink...LOL

Only thing is, out of those 365 days where most of the time I will don something Pink, today, when it's the official day to wear pink itself, I wore Blue.
Now, you call that ironic or what?

No wonder I felt pretty blue myself!

Happy PINK day!!!~

I am definitely wearing Pink later!