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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What kind of reverse psychology is THAT?

Just when I was crashing my whole head over my performance and driving myself to achieve the results, I have to face some bashing from so-called management.

I can't exactly reveal which level or more in specific for fear of obvious reasons (if anyone were to chance on this blog)

I just feel really frustrated; along with the stress of work and also frustration.
I had been motivating myself and not even b****ing about things when my annual leave was held back temporarily (yeah, kinda, it was not exactly a mandate but it was some kind of instruction to all managers to hold back our leave and not encourage leave application)

Just when I keep trying to push myself in a very motivated manner, I get calls and so-called 'pep talks' from the 'management' to improve this and that.

You know what they tell you in all those motivational books and talks about reverse psychology and motivating your staff by giving compliments and praises once in a while, well, this guy did exactly the opposite of that.

Worse still, he treated me as though I am some kind of idiot who did not know how to use computer; desktop sharing, communicator and Excel!
Oh ya right, he was the smartest of all, i know.

I felt even more abashed after a round of meeting with him only; and there are more to come; weekly (yeah, remember my micro management post much much earlier?)

I don't know what kind of effect is he trying to push me towards; because I just felt so much de-motivated after all his pep talks!
Yeah, ego bashing and all....he makes people feel way below him and I am not the only one who felt that way, even my admin feels disgusted with him and frowns whenever he is on the phone.

How much can one do to one's ego?
Plenty, I tell you

The right choices of words can alter the overall perception/perspective towards a situation
You could change a pessimistic person to an optimistic person or vice versa

Somehow, this guy is good at the latter, and I think, he should probably consider writing a book


How to CRASH your employee's ego