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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

World's Ocean Day!

Today is World's Ocean Day; which I found out on the radio this morning.

It is funny how we have a dedicated day for almost everything now; dead or alive!

We used to have only New Year's Day, Teacher's Day, Independence Day, Children's Day and all those festive holidays.

Then we have Mother's Day, Father's Day, and now, even Parents' Day.

Then there's Nature's Day, Women's Day, and then came along Doughnuts Day, and now Ocean Day.

Perhaps they were there all the while, and it is just that most of us were not aware of their existence?

I guess in the future, everything will have a day....CD Day, Laptop Day, Milk Day, Condo Day, Bridge Day, Watermelon Day, Apple Day, Char Koay Teow Day, etc

Every dog has its day; erm....I mean, everything has her day now!